Chapter 30; Captain

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The Return of the King; Disc 1

Chapter 30; Captain

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She felt disoriented. Completely and utterly out of place, and she also seemed to be in many places.

What was this feeling?

'Cause it felt interesting, weird, and scary.

She'd been sitting on a bench, beside Gandalf when she'd fallen asleep. The dream had been strange in and of itself, but now she felt as if she wasn't awake, but at the same time she was seeing everything around her. Gandalf still sat beside her, the streets were still deserted, everyone was spending as much time with their loved ones as they could.

And here sat Aaron. The ones she loved leagues away and there was not a single thing she could do about that.

Aaron's ears started picking up a thudding sound. It was distant, but becoming stronger.

"Do you hear that?" She asked Gandalf. But after listening for a few seconds the old wizard shook his head.

"I hear drums, and a marching army." She said. "It's coming closer." She stood up and waited not for the wizard, before marching down the ally way to the main street and then up a few flights of stairs until she stood above the gate.

What she saw took more than her breath away, all of her hope was smashed into the ground, and then it was stepped on by hundreds of thousands of orcs, trolls, wargs, and anything that had to do with Mordor...but the Nazgul seemed to be at bay for the moment.

Now, how they all fit into Osgiliath, Aaron will never know.

"Open the gate!" A guard called beside her.

What are we welcoming them in?

"Quick!" He yelled again and Aaron decided to look down. A horse was walking toward the gate, but with his foot still stuck in the stirrup was Faramir.

The gate was opening and Aaron wasted no time getting down to him.

Two arrows, one in his shoulder and the other along his waist, stuck up, there black feathers making Aaron shudder.

"Get him to the Citadel." She commanded. No one moved. Aaron rose to her feet and growled lowly at a random guard. No one argued and they quickly got Faramir onto a stretcher and started the long trek to the Citadel.

Aaron walked before them, her hand resting on her sword's hilt, her demeanor just waiting for someone to rebuke her.

"Faramir!" Denethor called as he ran down the steps toward them. His pace surprised Aaron, but she guessed that even he had some love for his son. "Say not that he has fallen."

The steward fell to the ground above his son's head; weeping.

"They were outnumbered." Said a guard, gravely. "None survived."

Denethor stood up and, in a drunken way, walked away muttering. "My sons are spent." He said. Pippin rushed past Aaron and knelt before the stretcher. "My line is ended." Aaron rolled her eyes, wishing for a moment that she could end this man's life.

"He's alive." Pippin said.

"The House of Stewards has failed." Denethor still rambled.

"He needs medicine, my lord." But Denethor had lost his mind.

"My line has ended!" He roared and stopped his walking at the railing and looked out. Pippin continued to call to him, but he gave no sign of hearing.

"Rohan, has deserted us." Aaron heard him say. There was screaming coming from below and what sounded like a building crumbling. "Theoden's betrayed me." More destroyed buildings falling down upon screaming people. Aaron's head hurt from all the noise, and just to make it worse, Denethor decided to start yelling.

"Abandon your posts!" He called out. Aaron growled. She unsheathed her sword, and griping the blade, she walked toward him. "Flee! Flee for your lives!"

He turned around and was met with Aaron's sword butt. She whacked his head, then while he was in a daze she smacked his stomach making him double. She brought the sword hilt down and knocked him out cold.

Revenge, doesn't always come with killing.

She looked out for a second, debating whether to make herself heard or not.

"Prepare for battle!" She called, then turned around. She sheathed the sword as she ran forward. "Bring me my horse!" She commanded. No one hesitated this time.

She was half way down the ramp when Lore charged past her, then doubled back. She jumped upon his bare back and urged him forward.

"Hurry, men! To the wall! Defend the wall!" It was as if she'd been given the title of Captain, no one argued, no one waited for someone higher to tell them to listen, they all obeyed.

She charged around corners and any men she saw going the wrong way, she turned about.

"Return to your posts!" She now had a train of men behind her.

They ran to their posts and stood to attention awaiting orders. Aaron allowed her hood to drop and her hair to flow about her. Lore leaped up a flight of steps and stopped at the top, men in front of them and behind.

"Send these foul beast into abyss." She said, turning to the catapults.

Using their own rubble, the soldiers of Gondor fired down upon the Orcs of Mordor, and a "fair" battle began.

The Orcs returned fire, but Aaron didn't flinch as they flew over her head, some too close for Lore's comfort.

And then the Nazgul came with their horrid screaming. Aaron started to grind her teeth together at the sound of it.

Slowly the winged wraths started picking her men off ten by ten. She was losing them fast, but she was losing the courage of the others faster.

The barricade towers were moving forward, Trolls pushing them, and no doubt they were full of Orcs.

"Hold them back! Do not give into fear." She started moving about, trying to encourage the men. "Stand to your posts! Fight!" Or course it seemed to help. Maybe the fact that she was a woman and seemed to hold no fear that this was actually working.

A Gondor catapult fired and destroyed the top of a tower, then a Nazgul destroyed the catapult.

"Not at the towers!" Gandalf yelled, from somewhere behind her. She spun about on Lore, and found that the archers were wasting their arrows on metal, instead of on the flesh. "Aim for the trolls! Kill the trolls!" Aaron repeated Gandalf's command on down the line, and pulled out her own bow, her arrows hitting strike.

"Bring them down!" She yelled. But it wasn't helping.

The doors of one came down on her left, dust and rocks blocked her vision then orcs came out and her sword was put to work.

Down below she could hear the banging of a something hitting the large gate, but it would hold. Something much bigger and stronger would be needed to break down that gate.

Darkness was falling, and so was Aaron's strength. She'd been fighting battles all too frequently for all too long.

Out of nowhere the orcs below started to chant something. Something that for a weird reason made Aaron's heart sink even more. It could also have been that she decided to look over the rail and down below.

Strange creatures were pulling a large,-understatement-massive, huge War-hammer toward the gate. It was a wolf's head, and by way of the chant, its name was Grond!

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