house of flowers

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HOUSE OF FLOWERSa park jimin fanfiction

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a park jimin fanfiction

after rain falls, the earth hardens. ❞

t i m e l i n e

first time published: 170908
first time finished: 170926
second time published: 190324
second time finished: 190508

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to all readers—this is the edited version of house of flowers. the reason why i took this down and edited it was because there were some points that i don't agree with anymore and i couldn't sit still seeing it scattered around my work. so either i do something about it, or take it down forever. i decided to go with the first choice remembering the sweet words and lovely supports i've received. thank you so much! ♡

and since majority of reader asked to keep the lowercase, that's what i'll do.

hope you'll enjoy this re:house of flowers. this one will be different than the first version (more scenes and a different ending)

- yours truly.

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