" Why, Cant You See? "

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Warnings/ strong language, angst

Diego x reader

This is for i_like_nougat_ 💗 enjoy!

"Yeah, hm, Patch is just amazing y/n, am I doing anything tonight? Um, yeah, I'm taking Patch out."

"Of course you are, man, you dont hang out with anyone else, do you? Like you don't even hang out with me anymore"

"Well I havent seen Patch in a while so.." he paused "yeah"

"Ok whatever, I'll talk to you later, bye" you hung up on him and put your phone down. You sighed then stared out of the window in your bedroom at the rain pouring down. He was so consumed with Patch. He is so consumed, he's almost blind.

Ring, ring

"Hello?" You picked up your phone to answer. It was Allison.

"Hey, y/n, so I just got word that dad died, we need you at the academy asap "

"Are you serious? H-how did he- I-"

"I'll explain everything later, just please get over here."

"Ok" you replied with tears welded up in your eyes.

'Breathe' you reminded yourself

You got on a jacket and grabbed an umbrella and left the house.

When you got to the academy, it was raining harder than before. You could already feel the saddend energy coming from inside the house. You got out of your car and walked inside the old place. You were remind of when you were a kid, running around the halls with Diego. Dancing with Allison. Arguing with Five. Being taught how to roll a joint by Klaus. All these memories flooded your mind.

You were snapped out of thought when Luther came up to you and hugged you.

He walked you to the back of the house, to the backyard where everyone stood grieving.

You already knew that most of the siblings didn't care for the old man. I mean, the only one that did was Luther.

You walked inside as you were freezing and Diego soon followed you into the kitchen to get a cup of tea.

"How was your date with Patch" you asked with a condescending smile.

"It was nice, it was real good to see her" he leaned against the kitchen counter and looked down at his hands.

"Hm,i bet," you paused "do you want to get coffee later?"

"I would but, ya know, im...uh..busy"

He sucked in air through his teeth and tap his nails against the counter top.

You hummed and then rolled your eyes.

"Why dont you hang out with us anymore? You dont even hang out with me." You almost winced at the thought of how many times you had asked him to go to dinner and he had declined. "See, I dont know if you notice but you are completely consumed with Patch. You base your everyday life on her. What happened to us though? We use to be so close, Diego... and the sad part is that I am stupid enough to sit here and almost beg you to hang out with me or at least show a little bit of care for me. I'm stupid enough to care about someone, and love someone who doesnt give a damn about me!"

You felt your eyes sting with tears. You looked at him to find him looking down.

You sighed and stomped out of the manor with your bag and umbrella.

You started up your car and then you drove just around the block to your apartment

You didnt know how to feel about what you had said. You didnt know if you should feel embarrassed, angry, or sad. You just assumed you were all of them.

You we just about to lay down when you heard a knock on your front door.

You got up and opened it.


The moment you saw him and attempted to close the door but he swiftly raised his hand so you couldn't close it.

"Dont close it"

"Why not?"

"Please let me in"

"Why should I?"

"Y/n I-"



You furrowed you eyebrows and opened the door a little wider to see him. You were shocked. He didnt mean it. He couldnt have meant it.

He loves Patch

"When you told me that you cared for me, and that you loved me, I know you meant it. And the truth is, I do too. I feel like such a damn fool for ignoring you. But damn y/n, look at yourself, your everything that I could want... and Patch, she doesn't love me, I know she doesn't because she would've never done those things for me like you have........I'm sorry y/n"

" why did you never tell me this?" You asked softly but also in a harsh tone.


"Hm, just come in, sit down have some tea, we gotta talk."

He smiled a bit and gladly walked into your apartment, he hoped this would lead to something bigger, something more than a friendship...

A/n that's was a shitty ending, oops 😫

I still hope you enjoyed 💫💗

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