1. the beginning.

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hey, i'm elle & i'm going to be frequently updating this story if you guys enjoy it, so please leave feedback so i'll know whether to carry this on :)

three months before meeting them.
your character- trinity rose

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trinity's pov:
i woke on sunday morning at 8:00 am. the sun reflected onto my face- a golden shimmer as I clambered out of bed, reaching for my phone. in the past month, i had gained so much, on tik tok i had reached a million, a milestone i never thought i would achieve.

every day, it amazed me to know that i had so many people supporting me, and being invested with my life, as they would there own. although, not everything was positive, and the negative feedback definitely affected me more than i had first thought.

i have few very close relationships with some of the most influential people, and because of their strong fanbase, not every girl they mentioned or introduced had the best first impression.

for example, chase hudson. i first became friends with him after he duetted my video. after that we've spoke everyday and we meet in less than three months. however, a lot of his fans have mixed emotions about me, but some are the most sweetest people, so it's hard to really work around it.

through chase, i also met anthony. the relationship we have is some what similar to chase's. but his privacy is well respected, so there's little hate.

i'm also friends with people like elmo, payton etc.

but today, it was my birthday. and i promised this day would be positive.

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