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''Blair, please, stop with this stupid thing.'' he said for the hundredth time.

''Why should I?'' I whispered and looked away from him. '

'You don't really want to do this.'' he said and looked at me with a hint of fear in his eyes.

''You do believe that I am able to finish everything, don't you?'' I whispered loudly and barely see him through the tears.

''I think that's not wise to do this.'' he said. '

'Tell me one reason that's not foolish and I won't do that." I said firmly.

''I love you and you love me. That are 2 reasons.'' he replied, and waited for my reaction.

The tears finally got out of my eyes and I dropped the blade out of the hand. Niall made a step towards me and hugged me greatly.

''Don't ever do that again!" he told me and embraced. We stood like this for some time - until it didn't spun before my eyes, and everything has become a mysterious blackness.


I know it's short, but other chapters will be a lot longer ;)

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