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"What...?" The man showed a foolish face.

"My Lady... your head is hurting? Are you feeling ill anywhere else?" The woman crouched beside the bed, her hands enveloping her own in a tender manner.

"Thank you for your concern miss, it's not too bad if I don't overthink anything" her chest filled with a bittersweet rhythm. This woman had been so kind ever since she woke up. Did she have some sort of familial relationship with her?
"...Miss...? My Lady, you've always called me by name..." The woman replicated the doctor's expression. Her eyes wide and filled with anxiety.
The woman turned her head to look at the doctor.

"Memory loss...? It is possible but..." he began mumbling to himself, appearing lost in thought for a moment.

Memory loss? She was indeed having trouble recalling things but...
Flashes of scenes passed like light.
She was in a white coat, sitting at a desk with a multitude of herbs scattered about. She wore a mask and gloves, while peering through a small microscope.
Then a beautiful field of flowers, where a fat stripped cat rolled cutely and meowed.

The scenes ended, and she could only blink in astonishment.
It was as if she was in two places at once, but each felt entirely separate.
What was happening?

"It could be... but surely not!" The doctor, the most energetic she had seen him since meeting him, rushed for his bag. He clumsily rummaged through, cursing quite profanely.
He pulled out a strange stone now.

First a glass ball... and now a stone... would he read her tarot cards next? She wondered what sort of quack doctor this was, and who hired him?
She felt pity, who ever hired this man was clearly being scammed. This was no doctor.

"Please place your hand on this-" her wrist was gripped forcefully, and the stone was shoved into her hand.
The maid shot up in panic, in an attempt to pry the madman off her.
She felt slightly fearful now, meeting the dark eyes of the doctor now... they were burning with some sort of curiosity which made her feel less like a patient and more like an experiment.

"Sir, mind your manners or I will call the guards! Do you know what you are-"

The rock began shaking, and without her even putting any pressure onto it... it broke.
Crumbled to dust, all on it's own.
All eyes in the room were on the crumbled stone, a grey rock if put plainly.

"So that is why...! Such grand news, we must inform the Duke and Duchess!" The doctor became ecstatic, his thin lips stretched and revealed slightly yellowed teeth.
She didn't like such a strange doctor, so all she was able to do was look pleasingly at the woman still looking dumbstruck.

"The Lady... manifested...? How is that possible.. the temple said she was without..." The woman was lost to her mumbles, causing panic to build in her chest. What did a rock turning to dust in your hand mean?
"This is a rare phenomenon, occurring so infrequently that it's gone mostly undocumented. Her magic is likely a mutation that was undetectable by the temple until it fully matured"

She was lost.
Did they say magic?

"I-I'll go inform the Duchy! This is a cause for celebration!" The doctor, as easily as he entered... left. Running out the double doors, he forgot his medical bag.
This doctor... should truly be fired for malpractice. There were surely laws in place for such neglect. He put a glowing ball in her hand, shined a light in her eye, then made her hold a rock that couldn't last longer than a second in her grasp.

Her eyes fell on her hands curiously.
Was she truly that strong?

"My Lady, please" the maid stepped forward with a warm cloth, cleaning her fingers from left over dust.
"Please, allow me to change you"
She was in no position to deny help, especially how weak her body felt.
The woman helped her stand, taking off the nightgown with a gentle touch.

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