Love, Change and Death

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It was time for the team to go into darkness, they stopped just outside of the Dark Island, Melody and Edmund holding hands, Lucy standing on the otherside of Melody, Caspian next to Drinian and Tavros. 
"So, what do you think is in there?" Tavros asked.
"Our worse nightmares." Melody said looking at Edmund. 
"Our darkest wishes" Caspian spoke. 
"Pure evil" Drinian said
"Tavros, unlock the armory" Caspian told Tavros, he started to walk off. 
"Archers, prepare yourselves!" Drinian said
"Aye, Captian!" Crew said
"Light the lanterns!" Tavros shouted
Caspian looked at his sister, Lucy and Edmund "Let's get ready" 
Melody stopped Edmund from walking with Caspian, she pulled him into a deep kiss, he kissed her back. "Be safe." She told him, her right hand on his cheek.
"You too, Princess" Edmund smirked giving her one last kiss and running off with Caspian to get ready.
"Come on." Lucy said pulling Melody and Gael. 
Lucy was getting ready, Gael was sitting on there bed 
"When I grow up, I want to be just like you" Gael told Lucy. Lucy looked up into the mirror and smiled, she walked over to Gael and sat next to her, wrapping one arm around her.
"When you grow up, you should be just like you" Lucy said smiling, Gael puts her face on her chest, Melody smiled at the two girls. 
"Where's Olivia?" Lucy asked Melody 
"Hiding with David." Melody said checking her bow and arrow. 
Lucy nodded "As long as she's safe." 
"That's all that matters..." Melody smiled at Lucy and started to put her hair up in a ponytail.
"In case we get through this...Whatever this is, I want you to know. I think of you as my brother, Ed...And not because your with Melody" Caspian chuckled at the last part 
"Me too" Edmund smiled back at Caspian getting ready 
"You gave up your sword" Caspian said 
"Wasn't mine to keep" Edmund replied 
Caspian walked over to Peter's sword, handing it to Edmund "Use this" 
"But it's--" Edmund started talking 
"Peter would want you to have it" Caspian told Edmund and he took it.
Melody ran up to the decks, she went to make sure everyone was ready, she noticed Eustace and Reepicheep flying around, Reep and Melody exchanged waves. 
"There is it my friend! Our battle awaits" Reepicheep told Eustace but Eustace being the boy he is, looked at the mist and started to fly away from it. 
Melody watched but got distracted by a crew member wanting help. 
"Eustace, No! Halt!" Reep said but Eustace wasn't listening "Eustace! No! NO!" Eustace finally stopped and Reepicheep was on Eustace's dragon nose. "I will not accept surrender, a noble warrior does not run from fear!" Reep told Eustace but he looked away "Look at me! Look at me when I'm talking to you" Eustace looked at Reep "I am a mouse! You...Your a dragon, you've got skin like chain mail! You breathe fire. Come on, let's go meet our destiny!" Reep said running up to Eustace's head and holding on as Eustace flies back towards everyone. 
Caspian was standing at the top of the stairs looking down everyone. 
"No matter what happens here...Every soul who stands before me has earned their place on the crew of the Dawn Treader. Together we have traveled far, Together we have faced adversity, Together we can do it again." He shouted so everyone can hear. "So now is not the time to fall in fears temptations, Be strong! Never give in" He looked at Melody who's head was snuggled in Edmund's neck. "Our world...Our Narnian lives, depend on it. Think of the lost souls we're here to save!" Lucy rubbed Gael's arm, holding her close to her. "Think of Aslan. Think of Narnia!" Caspian started to walk down the stairs but stopped as he heard his crew shouting
"For Narnia!!" 
"For Narnia!" Lucy shouted with them 
Melody looked at Edmund "Be safe, Turkish" She said
Edmund laughed "You remember that?" 
"Of course, You love your Turkish Delights" Melody kissed his cheek and walked over to Caspian and hugged him, he hugged her tightly back. 
"I love you, Brother" Melody spoke
"I love you too, Dork" Caspian joked holding her close. 
As the boat sailed into the mist, Melody, Caspian, Lucy and Edmund all took there positions on the boat, Melody had her bow and an arrow ready if she needs to fire in a hurry, Gael standing next to Lucy. 
"Helaine?" Gael's dad looked at the green mist that took form of his wife, happily. She went right through him. 
"I can't see a thing! This fogs too thick!" Drinian told Melody who looked around. 
"Just keep straight" Melody told Drinian who nodded, Melody looked down at the crew. 
"You are a great disappointment to me, you call yourself my son and act like a king!" The green mist took form of Caspian's father, Caspian almost looked like he was about to cry at what the mist just told him. 
Edmund standing on the dock of the boat, looking around...the green mist took form of the White Witch "Edmund, come with me, Join me...I'll let you rule!" She told him
Edmund looked over "Go away, your dead!" 
"You can never kill me, I'll always be alive in your mind, silly boy!" The witch started to float away. 
"no!" Edmund shouted at the witch
"Edmund? Are you alright?" Lucy asked her brother, worried
"Yeah" Edmund replied back. 
From the distance "Keep away!" Someone was shouting at the boat "Keep away!" 
"Who's there!" Edmund shouted
"We do not fear you!" Caspian shouted 
"Nor I you!" The man shouted, Edmund shined his torch on the man 
"We will not leave" Caspian told the man
"You will not defeat me!" The man was holding up his sword in defence. 
"Caspian!" Edmund started to speak "Caspian, his sword!" 
"Lord Rhoop" Caspian said 
Lord Rhoop tried to run but has nowhere to go since he's on a rock. "You do not own me!" He shouted 
"Stand down!" Caspian ordered his crew "Let's get him on board, quickly!" 
The crew were thinking of ways to try get him on board when Eustace flew down, grabbing him and putting him on the ship. 
"Help him up!" Edmund said 
"ready, sir!" Crew said. 
"Off me demon!" Lord Rhoop shouted 
"No, My Lord, We are not here to hurt you, I am your King, Caspian!" Caspian told Lord Rhoop 
"Caspian? My Lord? You should not of come! There's no way out of here! Quickly, Turn this ship about before it's too late!" Rhoop commanded 
"We have the sword lets go!" Edmund said 
"Let's turn her about, Drinian!" Caspian told Drinian. 
"Aye-Aye, Your Majesty" Drinian said walking to the wheel 
"Do not think!" Lord Rhoop told Caspian "Do not let it know your fears or it will become them!" 
Edmund quickly shut his eyes. "Oh no!" 
"Edmund? What did you just think off?!" Lucy asked worried 
"Oh, I'm sorry!" Edmund ran to look under the boat and a serpent started to emerge from under the boat.
Melody followed and looked aswell 
"Look! What is that!" Caspian said pointing
"It's too late! It's too late!" Lord Rhoop shouted 
Lucy looking around for Gael and noticed she was on the other side of the boat where the serpents tail hit the water "GAEL!" She shouted, she ran over there "Come here" 
The serpent was hovering over the boat looking for it's next feed, Melody started to shoot arrows at it, The serpent began to rock the boat again, Melody lost her footing once more and is now hanging on the side of the boat "No!"
"Melody!!" Edmund shouted running towards her but the boat rocked once more. 
Melody holding on to the boat, sees a rope and grips onto it. 
Lucy began taking Gael down below to their room, Lucy grabs Susan's bow and arrows and looks at Gael "Now you must stay here till someone comes and gets you! Okay!" Lucy noticed Gael nodding and ran out again. 
Melody gripping onto the rope as tightly as she can, trying to the climb back up to the boat she keeps failing as the boat is slippery. "Damn it!" Melody looks behind her and the serpent is now under the water. "Edmund!!" Melody shouted
"Grab my hand!" Lucy said leaning over, Melody looked up and went to grab Lucy's hand, Some one of the crew members holding onto Lucy helped pull Melody up, Melody was now back on the boat, she hugged Lucy who hugged back and went to grab her bow and arrow again. 
Eustace and Reepicheep came flying in, "For Narnia!!" Reepicheep shouted. "Take that!" Eustace blew fire and Reep jumped on the serpent and stabbed it with his little knife before being thrown on the boat by the serpent "Eustace! Hang on!" Eustace blew fire at it once more, being slammed on the rocks by the serpent, Lord Rhoop grabbed his sword. 
"Out creature!" Lord Rhoop threw the sword at Eustace 
"No! The sword! The SWORD!" Melody shouted. 
The sword landed in Eustace's shoulder, he cried in pain before flying away.
"Eustace! no! NO! Come back!" Lucy shouted at Eustace
"We're all doomed! DOOMED! Turn this ship about!" Lord Rhoop started to turn the wheel 
"Someone stop him!" Caspian cried out 
Drinian took it upon himself to knock him out, "Now, Crew! To your rowing positions! Oars at double speed!" Drinian commanded 
Lucy thought to herself 'Aslan..Please help us' And as she did a seagull flew through the mist and out again. 
Down below the crew and Tavros were pulling the oars, Reep watching and commanding them. 
"Ed! ED!" Caspian got Edmund's attention, he was standing by the wheel "We'll ram the serpent! Smash it into the rocks!"
"Steer her to port! I'll keep it on the pow!" Edmund said he looked at Melody but Melody was too busy trying to shoot the serpent...With a limb, he ran up the stairs, making his way to the mouth of the boat. "Try and kill me, come on! I'm over here!" He was moving his torch around, the serpent went for the kill 
"No!" Caspian shouted 
"Edmund!" Lucy screamed. 
"Archers! Ready yourselves!" Melody commanded them. 
"PULL!" Reepicheep commanded the crew pulling the oars.
Edmund made his way to the top of the sea monsters head of the boat, Lucy fired an arrow at Melody's command and it shot it, The serpent cried at the pain and went to for the kill of Edmund but Edmund jumped, he slides off the serpents body, rolling onto the boat and getting knocked out. 
Meanwhile on a beach nearby, Eustace wakes up and sees a Lion, he motions himself up and tries to claw his body free from the spell but it didn't work. Aslan started to claw the sand and Eustace could feel it on his skin, Aslan did that three times before roaring at Eustace, Eustace fell into a sleep on Ramandu's Island. 
Melody ran over to Edmund helping him up, The two heard a noise, it was the serpent revealing it had more to it's body then the Team could imagine. 
Caspian noticed it was heading for them "move!" He pushed them both out of the way, he turned and sliced a bit off the serpent and it vanished like green mist. "We can beat this" He said. 
Eustace woke up, he looked at his body, he stood up and noticed the sword, he stared it before realising what he has to do. 
"We have to get it closer!" Melody said running off, The serpent then rocked the boat everyone lost their footing once more, Melody hit her head, she rubbed it, She noticed it was bleeding "No" She looked to see what she hit her head on and it was a bit of wood that was broken, she stood to her feet, grabbing her bow and arrow, running up to the sea monsters head 
"What is she doing?" Caspian asked Edmund
"I don't know...Melody!" Edmund replied trying his best to get her attention.
Melody ignored him and kept climbing, she got to the top and started to shoot the serpent, Tears shed as she realized now what Liliandu meant. "Your going to die" Was going through Melody's head, she then dropped her bow as she was out of arrows, she got out her dagger and threw at the serpent but lost her footing as she threw it, she was handing onto the horns of the boat, and the horn wasn't going to hold Melody's weight, Melody looked down and noticed it was a long drop, she could hear Edmund telling her to hold on, he's coming. Melody looked up at Edmund and Edmund noticed she had blood all over the left hand side of her face, she looked at him with tears, she shook her head at him to not save her 
"No! I can't lose you, Olivia needs you....I need you!" Edmund protested as Caspian and the crew were distracting the serpent
"Liliandu was right, I was going to die" Melody said as her hands were starting to slip off the horns. 
"I can't lose you again!" Edmund said and Melody looked at him.
"I'm sorry Edmund" Melody cried, she looked down again and back at Edmund "I love you, take care of our daughter! If you do leave, take her back to your world! Raise her right! Please?" Melody said. 
"I promise" Edmund said.
"Edmund! We need your help!" Caspian cried. 
Edmund looked over at Caspian then back at Melody.
"I'm sorry Edmund...Now go!" She said "GO!" 
Edmund sniffled and left to go help Caspian.
"Hey! I'm over here!" Melody shouted at the serpent who looked at her "Catch me if you can, you ugly ass monster!" Melody let go of the horns and fell into the ocean and the serpent followed. 
Edmund finally reached Caspian
"Where is she?!" Caspian asked Edmund "Where's my sister!" He raised his voice. 
Edmund sighed, looking up at Caspian who's eyes were in anger and confused as to where is his sister has gone. "She was already dead! Her face was bleeding, she sacrificed herself to help buy more time! Now get to it or else she died for nothing!" Edmund commanded Caspian who just nodded. 
Edmund made his way up the rope ladder onto the look out, he started to get ready to kill the serpent, Caspian and some crew members shot ropes at it to try hold it down. 
Eustace made his way towards Aslan's table but was pulled back by some mist. 
The Witch showed up to Edmund again "What are you trying to prove, Edmund? That your man?" She asked. 
Caspian and the men were struggling to hold it down. "Edmund!! Do it!" Caspian said. 
"I can make you that, And I can make you my King..." She held out her hand "Just take my hand...I know you want to see Melody again." The Witch said. 
Eustace fighting the green mist and trying to get the sword onto the stone table as the other swords and his one were shining blue now. 
"Just give in!" Witch said
Then Eustace finally got the sword on the table and it shined a blue beam up and Edmund's sword shined blue, Edmund and the witch looked down at it.
"Do it!" Caspian shouted and Edmund turned to the serpent
"I'm over here!" He shouted and the serpent went to kill him but Edmund stabbed the inside of his house and the serpent moved away and shivered before dying in the ocean. 
Edmund fell to his knees in relief, and started to cry.
Lucy looked around happy "The's lifting!" 
Edmund started to make his way down. 
"Edmund!" Lucy shouted "Caspian! Look!" 
What used to be Dark Island was now vanishing with the green mist, the bright sun and the blue sky started to show, and from a distance in little boats was Narnians. 
"narnians...Narnians!" A crew shouted. 
Gael and her dad looked out to the distance, "Mummy!!" Gael shouted 
"Helaine!" Her dad shouted, Gael jumped into the water followed by her dad and started to swim out to Helaine. 
"Rhince! Gael!" Helaine was happy to see them, she pulled Gael up and hugged her and kissed Rhince. 
Lucy was watching as Edmund walked up to her with Olivia. "We did it." Lucy looked at Caspian then Edmund. "I knew we would" 
"It wasn't just us though" Edmund said. 
"Melody?" Lucy asked and Edmund shook his head. 
"You mean?" Caspian asked. 
"Lucy!" Eustace was shouting from the water "I'm down here! Lucy!" 
Lucy, Edmund, Reep and Caspian walked over to the other side of the boat 
"Eustace!" Lucy said happily. 
"I'm a boy again! I'm a boy!" He said 
"Eustace! I see your wings have been clipped!" Reep said jumping into the water. "Where the sky and water meet, where the waves grow ever sweet!" Reep and Eustace taste the water "It's sweet...It's sweet!" He said as the three friends laughed "Look! Look!" Reep was on Eustace's shoulder looking to the distance.
"Aslan's country...We must be close" Caspian said. 
"Well...We've come this far." Edmund said.
"not all of us..." Lucy said as she lowered her voice. The two boys wanted to cry but stayed strong. 

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