"Wanna know something that's better than 24? 25!" He says. I spit the water out and cover my face, laughing even harder.

"That wasn't even funny!" I gasp. David pours water into his mouth and he holds it. I sit back up and try to make him laugh again.


"That's it for today's video. Please make sure to like and subscribe. Tweet me at David Dobrik. All of my other social media links will be down in the description below. Guys, comment down below and tell me what other challenge Lauren and I should do next. This is our first challenge and video alone together so tell me what you think. Anything else to add, Lauren?"

I hold a stare with David, making the awkward tension build up. He begins to laugh at me and glances at the camera before looking back at me. He opens his mouth to say something but I quickly spit the water out. He falls into a pit of laughter and wipes his face.

"Bet you didn't see that comin, did ya?" I smirk at him.

"No! I wasn't!" He laughs.

"Want me to do it again but this time spit in your mouth?" I ask him.

"Oh, no!" He laughs even harder. I laugh along with him and pick up the towel, helping him clean off his face.

"That's it for today's video. Come back whenever David posts again. Bye!" I say. David gets up and cuts the camera off. He chuckles lightly as he looks down at his wet body.

"I'm gonna need to shower." He sighs.

"I do too." I say.

"Why did you come up with this video?" He asks me.

"Me? You're the one who suggested the damn idea."
I laugh.

"Oh. I guess you're right." He says. I laugh at him and stood up. I hear my phone go off and I walk over to the table. I saw the familiar name pop up on my screen and I feel myself become stressed out suddenly. I pick up my phone and answer the call.

"Hey, Joe." I answer.

"Lauren! I'm just reminding you that your vacation is up. Just a reminder that you're coming back tomorrow at twelve, right?" She asks.

"Yeah. O-of course. I'll be there. See ya." I say and let her hang up first. I sat my phone down and sigh.

"What's up?" Dave asks.

"I have work tomorrow but I can't get there without a car." I tell him.

"What time do you go in?" He asks.

"Twelve." I say.

"I can take you." He offers with a smile. I feel my brows raise up and I shake my head.

"My job involves using a car, Dave." I say.

"What are you an uber driver?" He asks.

"A pizza delivery guy." I utter embarrassed. David gives me an odd look before shaking his head.

"Are you serious?" He asks.

"Hey. I'm not talented and successful like you, David." I scoff. "I'm still camera shy even around you." I say.

"Well then maybe we can change that." He chuckles.

"What? How?" I ask him.

"Maybe it's time you find yourself a different job, Lauren." He suggests.

"How do you suppose I do that?" I ask him.

"It's easy. You need one thing and one thing only."

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