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"Are you seriously picking out the marshmallows out of that whole box?" David asks me as we sat on my fuzzy carpet in my living room. Surprisingly, David decided he'd want to make the video for his second channel at my apartment. I didn't bother arguing because I knew he'd win anyways.

"Hey! It's my apartment. My box of lucky charms." I say. "it's not like I'm sharing it with anybody." I scoff, followed by a small chuckle.

"I'm just gonna have to buy you a box of nothing but lucky charms marshmallows." He says.

"Go ahead and I will love you for eternity." I say.

If he thinks I'm playing.

"Alright I will." He says.

"I'll believe it when I see it." I say. David stares at me for a minute before looking at the camera and smiling.

"What's up guys. Welcome back to my second channel. I am here with Miss Lauren! You guys have been commenting in the comments that you all like her so why not make a video with her." David starts off. "I also made a deal with her that I'd pay her rent if she did this with me." He whispers. I stare at him, giving him an intensive look.


"Lauren. What are we doing today?" He asks me, turning his head away from the camera and looks me in the eyes.

"We will be spitting water on each other." I nod my head.

"No!" Laughs David. "We'll be spitting water into each there's mouths." He says. I sat quiet as I took his idea in.

"When did we agree on that?! I know I didn't agree on it!" I laugh.

"Just go with the flow." He says.

"Y'know. The more you say that, the more convinced I am of you having that as your kink." I say. David sits quiet and stares at me as a smile slowly forms on his face.

"And I'm cutting that out." He says and starts laughing. "No, seriously. Today we are doing the Don't Make Me Laugh Challenge. Lauren and I will be holding water in our mouths and we have to make the other person laugh." David explains the challenge. "The loser will...I don't know. We'll figure it out I guess." He says.

"This is going to suck. I can't make anybody laugh." I say.

"But you laugh at everything." David chuckles.

"Which is why this is unfair!" I argue.

"Better get over it." He laughs.

"Let's get this over with." I playfully roll my eyes at him. He opens his water bottle and takes a sip of it.

"Oh wait! We need towels. I'm not getting my rug ruined." I say. I quickly stand up and run to the bathroom, spreading out two towels and stacking them on each other to make a thick covering.

"Ready?" David asks as I sit criss cross across from him. He fills his mouth with water and holds it in his mouth.

"I can't make people laugh." I laugh at him. He shakes his head, showing no sign of a laughing emotion.

"David! I can't make people laugh!" I yell. I sigh and take a deep breath. I then let it out, but with a loud pitch scream on the top of my lungs. David spits the water out and it hits my face. I fall back on my back laughing really hard.

"I can't believe you spit on my face!" I laugh.

"Get used to it. Next time it'll be in your mouth." He says. We look at each other and I began to laugh.

"I'm cutting that out." He comments.

"My turn." I finally say and fill my mouth with water. I hold it in my mouth and I stare at him. He begins to laugh as he opens his mouth to attempt to make me laugh.

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