Chapter Ten

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Lilly's  POV:

I twist and turn, in bed as I think about Daniel. Right now we are staying at his mansion. We leave in a week. The door slightly opens, and in walks Blanca.

"I'm not tired aunty." I sit up, my hair falls down onto my shoulders. "I'm not either." I answer, I stand up, and walk towards her.

"I want somwe milk." She quietly says and a yawn follows. I nod, she stretches her arms I pick her up. She places her head on my shoulder.

I walk down the majestically large stairs, trying not to make a sound. Once my feet touch the cold tile, I put Blanca on the counter.

I grab a sippy cup, and pour some milk in it. The white liquid fills up the cup, I place the lid on as it's all full.

I hand it to her, she takes it and starts to drink her milk. I brush down my night gown, as I pick her up again. I go into one of the living rooms, I pick up a blanket and sit on a rocking chair.

I cradle her in my arms, as I rock slowly. Singing softly in her ear. She rest her head gently on my chest, she dozes off to sleep.

"Shouldn't you be asleep?" I hear a familiar voice say from behind me. Daniel appears from the darkness, and walks over in front of me. I glare at him, "be a little quieter."

He nods and mouths sorry. "Do you want me to take her to bed?" I shake my head. "I think I'll stay here for a few minutes." I respond. "Okay then I'll stay here with you."

A smile grows on his face, as he sits next to me. "Shouldn't you be on your honeymoon?" I furrow my eyebrows. He lets out a humorless laugh. "I'm not going to go somewhere with that whore."

I shake my head. "I don't care if you don't love her, but please respect her." I plead, as I don't like when women or men are called nasty names.

He nods, "sorry mi amor." He moves closer to us, and plants a kiss on both of our heads. I smile politely, "wow he's hot, but also married." My conscious argues.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, my eyes start to get heavy. Daniel notices, he stands up, "Come on bug lets get you to bed." He picks up Blanca. I stand up tiredly, "I'll go with you." He nods as Blanca snuggles into his broad chest.

I wrap the blanket around me, we start to make our way up the stairs. We walk into a pink room, I raise an eyebrow. "I had this room made when I invited y'all." He states, as he sets her down on her bed.

I kiss her head gently, her soft snores fill the air. I lay my blanket on her small body, tucking her in. Daniel grabs my waist, "Let's go." He murmurs. I nod, we walk out and close the door softly.

We walk into my room, " may go." I mumble the last part not wanting him to actually leave. He shakes his head, "I'm sleeping here with reasons." I shake my head as I cripple my nose . "Daniel you have a wife, that you must sleep with."

I walk towards my bed, I feel some rough hands pull me roughly. I look up Daniel, his grip on my waist tightens, I flinch a bit. "DONT EVER TRY TO DEFY ME!" He basically yells. For a second, the nice charming Daniel I knew was gone.

I shake those thoughts out my head, his grip tightens more, I let out a whimper. "Okay, okay, just let me go for gods sakes." He places my hands on his, as his grip loosens, I push away.

He takes off his shirt, and pj pants. My eyes widen as he is only left in boxers. "I could go comando if you want?" He smirks. "Eww no thanks." I roll my eyes.

The door opens, and a teary eyed Blanca walks in. "Why'd you leave me auntie?" She rushes towards me. I pick her up, Daniel quickly puts his pants on.

"I want to sleep with you." I nod, "Okay my love." We walk to the bed, she makes me sleep in the middle. Luckily the bed is king, she dozed off after a minute or two. The bed dips, and two hands wrap around my body, they pull me into Daniels chest.

"Imagine when we have our kids." He whispers in to my ear. "You mean when you and Miranda have kids." I correct with a smirk on my face. He groans in frustration, I elbow him as a warning to keep it down.

 He groans in frustration, I elbow him as a warning to keep it down

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