Gym with Tony and Thor (Nothing good will come out of this)

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"Why are you boys here late?" The gym teacher asked Tony and Thor.

"We're new and got lost," Tony said, looking up innocently.

"Whatever, get changed and get involved in the game."

After they changed, they stood off to the side looking lost as they watched a bunch of kids running around playing basketball.

"What should we do?" Tony asked, turning to face Thor but Thor wasn't there. Tony watched as Thor took the basketball from a kid and threw it at the basket. Tony covered his eyes so he didn't have to see Thor miss the shot. There was a sudden cheer from a team. Looking up, Tony watched as people cheered and ran at Thor. Thor looked down proudly and turned to smile at Tony.

"Why aren't you out there with your friend?" The gym teacher asked.

"Because I don't play basketball if I don't want to."

"Then, consider yourself in detention this Saturday."

"What?!" Tony yelled but the teacher had already walked away.

Authors note

Hey everyone! So far, I have 53 reads! I know to some people that's not much but that's the most I've ever gotten! Thanks guys! Be sure to keep voting, commenting, and getting others to read. I'm so sorry I haven't been updating and that this chapter is so short. If anyone has any ideas of what should happen, put it in the comments. I'd like to send out a HUGE thanks to marvel_ fanfictions_and Johi Peter for commenting. Hugs to you all.

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