Chapter 11~

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He leaned down and bit my neck. I screamed in pain as he did so.
"Shhh! I'm here don't worry." He said kissing my neck and pinned me up against the wall. I bite my bottom lip as he kiss my sweet spot.
"Nmph thme dmnt tmse mw" he said but it was muffled against my sweet spot.
After Lucy asked if I could stay over I had finally caught to what she was doing. I agreed because I had something planned for her in the morning.
It was finally morning time and it was time for the fun.
Third Person
Natsu moved up Lucy's neck and jaw and kissed her. His lips were so soft and warm. Lucy put her hands in his hair. She pushed them closer together if that we even humanly possible.
Natsu's POV
Lucy put her hands my shirt. In fear of her pushing me away I pulled back a little. To my surprise she pulls me closer. She moves her hands down my body cause me to moan. I look at the satisfied mages smirk. Two can play at that game. I move my hands down her back and rough grab her ass squeezing one cheek. She squealed. I laughed and she had a pouty look on her face. She smiles as she moves her hands down and plays with my rod through the fabric. I moan and she giggles. I move my hands to the front of her body and play with her breasts through the fabric and kiss her.
Lucy's POV
As Natsu kissed me he bit my bottom lip implying what he wanted. I granted him in and he explored every nuke and cranny in my mouth. Literally. He earned a moan from me and smiled in satisfaction. I just rolled my eyes. He rips off my shirt and my bra along with it. He moves down my body and onto one of my breasts. He sucks on one of them and licks it. He played with they other one rubbing her and spinning it in circles. The room started spinning and I started moaning a lot. The hand he was playing with my breast and moved it into my under wear. He started spinning and pinching my pussy. I started moaning so hard. He inserted two fingers and started pupping in and out. Once he hit my g-spot a couple of times I came. After that it went black.
I wake up and it's the afternoon. I turn and see Natsu sleeping next to me. I sit up and realize I'm completely naked. I scream and wake up Natsu when he sits up I see he is completely naked. I blush and cover my whole body. "NATSU! WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?!" I yell. "Where are your clothes Luce?" He said putting his pants on. I look next to him and see my soaked underwear, my ripped shirt and my slightly soaked pants. *we didn't* I think to my self. "Natsu..." I say getting up. "Hey Luce?" He questions "did we... you know uhm have... Sex?" I say looking him in the eye. "We mated but yes." He said kissing me "You're mine! Nobody else can have you... got it." He said with a serious look on his face. "Yes Natsu." I say tackling him and kissing him. "Um look your clothes." He says putting his hand on my ass. "I'll put them on later." I say with my arms around his neck. I cover his face in kisses. He laughs. "Luce I gotta go to the guild and get a job or else we won't have money." He said sitting up and puts a strand of hair behind my ear. I pout. "Why can't we stay here for the day. Take a day off and do something fun!" I say getting off of him. I give him the puppy dog eyes. "Fine Lucy... we don't have to go to the guild today." He says giving in. I cheer. "But we have to do what ever I want!" He says pulling to him. "Deal" I say and  go to the bathroom. I shower, and get ready. I come out of the bathroom and see Natsu sleeping. I smile and kiss his forehead waking him up. "Come on Natsu! Let's go!" I say rushing out of the door. *lets play hide and seek* I think as I run to the forest. I find a tall enough tree and climb all the way to the top. "Come on Luce! Come out of your hiding spot!" I hear Natsu yelling. I giggle slightly. "Either you come out or I'm gonna punish you Luce." He said looking around. He disappears and when I find him again he is at the bottom of the tree I'm on. "1" he counts I just sit there and look at him sticking my tongue out. "2" he says and I just laugh at him. "3" an evil grin appeared across Natsu's face and a shock of fear runs through my body. He starts climbing the tree. When he gets high enough I fall off the tree. "LUCY!" I hear him yell and I close my eyes. "The next thing I know I'm in his arms on the ground. "Did I scare you?" I say with one eye open. "Hmph" He says "well... did I" I say again. Natsu murmurs something so that I didn't hear it. "I guess you don't get anymore kisses. I'll give them to Gray." I say turning away and getting up. I feel a firm grasp on my wrist and I quickly regret what I said. "Yes Luce you scared me... now what were you gonna do?" He asked looking up at me. I pushed the fear aside and repeated what I had said previously. "I said that I was gonna go give all of your kisses to Gray." I state and Natsu look at me with a smile on his face. He grabs me and pulls me so we're face-to-face. "But you're mine Luce.... and mine only! You promised!" He said to me. "I know I was just teasing you." I say looking away. "That's what I thought." He said and started kissing my neck. He made me his.... again. 
~*2 months later*~
I just found out a few weeks ago I'm pregnant with Natsu's baby. I was freaking out about what he would have to say so I didn't tell him. I know that I'm his mate n all but, I'm still worried. At the guild that day I avoided any possibly interaction with Natsu. I saw him look at me a couple of times and I would just ignore him. I went to a table where Erza and Gray sat. "Hey guys!" I say with a fake grin plastered across my face. "Hey Lucy!" Gray says putting his arm around me. "Hello Lucy." Erza says with a mouth full of cake. "Where have you been Lucy? We haven't seen you in a while." Gray questions. As Gray said that I could hear a low growl come from someone across the guild. I automatically knew it was Natsu. He did that anytime I would physically touch another guy. That's him basically tell me to get away from him. I just ignored it and pretended I didn't hear it. I answered Grays question and Erza, Gray, And I kept talking. Gray still had his arm around me and I kept hearing repeating growls. After awhile they'd stopped and just when I thought that I was free from Natsu... I was pulled out of the guild.
~*Outside the guild*~
"What the hell was that Luce?" Natsu said crossing his arms. "I was just talking with my friends! What's so bad about that?" "What's bad is the fact that another guy was touching you and you didn't even stop him or do anything for that matter." He complained. "Oh please! It's Gray! And he is dating Juvia." I say looking away from him. "I don't care! You know how it makes me feel and yet you still do it! Thats what makes my mad!" Natsu screamed. "I'M YOUR WIFE I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE YOU WANT FROM ME NATSU DRAGNEEL! WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO DO YOU PLEASE YOU YOUR HIGHNESS?!" I say dramatically. Natsu just looks at me with a frustrated look. "Natsu...." I start to say. "I'm pregnant..." it's silent for a moment and Natsu looked so shocked. I started to get worried after a while because Natsu wouldn't answer. Finally Natsu pulled me into his strong arms. "I-I'm gonna b-be a d-dad?" He stuttered. "Yeah... I guess so." I said weakly. "How long have you known Luce?" He asked pulling away. "Um 5 w-weeks..." I say looking at the ground. "5 WEEKS?! And you never told me?" "I'm sorry.... I just thought you'd reject the baby." I say crying. "Aw Luce.... I would never! After all you're my mate. And without you I wouldn't be here. How could I reject you or the baby when I've made a commitment?" He explained. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner Natsu." I sob. "It's okay Luce... I know now and we can start planning our future together." He giggled. "Yeah... also one more little thing..." I looked down. "Yeah Luce?" "I'm having twins... and ones a boy the other a girl." I explained. Natsu was happy. "I'm having twins and I will never leave them like Igneel left me." He proclaimed.
~*7 years later*~
"NASHI! LUKE! GET DOWN HERE DINNER IS READY!" Lucy called to her children as they came running down the stairs. "What's for dinner mamma?" Nashi questioned. "Dumplings and Noodles!" Lucy smiled. "YAY!" Luke, Nashi And Natsu cheered in unison. "Let's dig in!" Natsu exclaimed. And everyone ate.
The End!

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