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chapter seven

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(Aubrey pov)

I woke up not feeling good I ran to the bathroom sure enough I got sick Hayes came in and held my hair back he rubes circles in my back after I was done I brushed my teeth and got dressed "your not really going after u just got sick are u?" Hayes asked "Ya I feel fine" I said and finished getting ready.


               *at Macon*

"please welcome Cameron,Carter,Nash,Shawn,Matthew,Jack j,Jack g,Aaron,and Taylor also Hayes and Aubrey" I could hear all the screaming and I got a little dizzy I walked out and waved and sat down "you feeling OK?" Hayes asked rubbing my back "Ya Ya I'm fine" I saying smiling at him.  Shawn sang a couple of songs then both the Jack's sang wild life and we all did things and then went to do the meet and greet "OMG Aubrey I'm a big fan can I get a picture?" one of the fans asked running up to me "Ya sure hun" I said I stood next to her then she wisperd "stay the fuck away from Hayes or I will kill u" I jumped back "sucerity" I yelled they came running In "what's going on" they asked "she just threatened me" I said walking over to Hayes he wrapped me in his arms.

Once we where done we went back to the hotel and went to Taylor's and Nash room "so what do u guys want to do" Jack j asked "how about we play truth or dare" Shawn suggested "Yes" Hayes said we all sat in a circle "OK Aaron truth or dare" glinsky asked "dare" he replied "I dare u to lick the bottom of Aubrey foot" he said my eyes widen I stuck my foot in his face and he licked it "that tickled" I laughed and he spit on the floor "ewwwwww" I yelled and they all laughed "OK my turn" Aaron said "truth or dare Shawn" "dare" he replied "I dare u to makeout with Aubrey for 3 minutes" I looked over at Hayes and his face was red with anger "OK" he said and jumped up and sat in front of me I stood up and stepped back "No I'm dating Hayes and that would be wrong" I said looking at Hayes who was still dark red "Come on it's just a dare" Taylor said "fine but only for 1 minute" I said sitting back down "2" Matthew said "1 and that's final " I said grabbing the back of Shawn's neck and pulling him I'm our lips conected and I felt nothing he licked my bottom lip asking for and entrance witch I had to give he slopes his tongue in and I pulled away "it hasn't been a minute" Johnson cried "I can't do this I'm sorry" I said looking around realizing Hayes wasn't there "where's Hayes" I asked standing up "he walked out when u grabbed him" Nash said I ran out of the room looking for him I couldn't find him I ran upstairs and unlocked our door to see him on the bed sobbing "Hayes I'm sorry it was just a silly dare" I said laying next to him on the bed he stood up and walked out of the room I started crying I laid there for an hour crying then got up and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet still crying I took out my razor and thought of the boys little cutting poem I think it went hush little baby don't you cry don't cut your arms don't say goodbye put down the razors put down the light I know it's hard but you'll win this fight we will be here threw thick and thin have No fear find your strangth within we love u please stay strong they use to sing that to me when I felt hurt and useless I cut 1 2 3 slits into my arm then rinsed it under the water "he will never love me again" I went back to the bed and laid down "hush little baby close your eyes it will be over so turned off the lights the pain will end you'll feel no more keep in mind No one cares anymore" I sang myself to sleep.

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