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We spent the entire night stalking this guy, trying to get something, anything. We stood around the corner from where he was picking up his dog from a hair cut. We waited until he came out before we decided to make a move since clearly following him is getting us nowhere. He unlocked the car door, putting the dog in the back seat before getting in himself. Five and I spacial jumped into his car, Five sitting in the front passenger seat, while I sat in the back holding the puppy's neck just with enough for that he won't slip.

"Oh, Jesus!" The man yelled when he noticed Five sitting next to him. Quickly Five pulled out his nife that he kept in his pocket and put it up against his neck, silencing him. The man blinked quickly before looking back at me. Now fully aware of his precious pouch.

"Don't hurt my dog," He nervously mumbled.

"We'll see," I answered back tightening my grip on the dog.

"One chance, that's all you've got," Five said firmly. "One chance to tell us exactly what's going on in that all!" Five raised his voice, making shit clear.

"I...I manufacture prosthetic devices for fake patients." He answered nervously. "I bill the insurance companies and then sell them for cash on the black market."

"Including eyeballs?" Five pressed.

"Yeah, they're my biggest seller, I mean, they sell like hotcakes." He finally admitted making me raise my eyebrows.

"Keep talking," I say as I now listen with intent.

"I--I've got a list, a waiting list, probably 20 buyers." He continued.

"So, the serial number I told you..." Five reminded him of our business, making more sense on to why we didn't get a find.

"Uh, could've already been bought." He confessed.

"Yes, off--off the books." He confirmed our thoughts.

I sigh in annoyance. Why couldn't of he said anything when we asked. Made us waist a whole day.

"I needed that list, Lace." Five stated, clearly annoyed.

"Names and numbers, before I decided to send this puppy to doggie heaven," I spoke up, petting the dogs head, with my forearm wrapped around it tightly.

"I don't have it. I mean, not on me. The only copies in my safe at the lab." He said clearly more nervous but fianlly putting an effort into our cause.

"Well, you start the car, then, cause we're going on a field trip." Five said giving him a smile.

"Okay, okay," he said. Five letting him go so he can start the car. I lean back in my seat letting the dog finally go.


We drove for a few short minutes before we arrived around the corner from the building. We quickly got out of the car, making sure the doctor didn't just take off running. Five walked in front leading the way while I walked behind the doctor. Before we even get to the front door we see the amount of smoke that surrounds the building. Looking up I noticed the building now up in flames. Leaving the doctor behind Five and I run up towards the front of the building, watching it burns down in flames. The heat radiating from the building towards us. As we stand there I could feel the ground begin to rumbled just before I am thrown off my feet landing on the hard floor. I could feel the scrapes and cuts all over my body. I groan in pain as I struggle to open my eyes.

"Hey, hey, hey, come here," I hear Five say next to me. His hands coming up around me, trying to pull me up.

I rub my eyes before opening them. I instantly search for his green ones in all this mess.

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