"Time to storm the castle!"

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Oh my gods of Olympus! I thought to myself as we made our way to Mega-jerk's castle. How could I let that secret slip? Guess I got distracted by that voice of hers - Oh my gods! Austin Carter, get a hold of yourself!

Well, while we wait for V.E.R.A. to take us to Mega-Jerk's castle, might as well explain myself. Yes, my sister, Jane Carter is - er was bionic. She had a chip implanted into her neck at birth, and that chip binded her DNA and stuff with technology. But she wasn't supposed to be the first.

Originally, my father created the chip for there to be an advancement of humans, but was supposed to test it on an adult, not a newborn baby. Though, when my sister was diagnosed with some sort of incurable disease that would make her both mentally and physically weak and would put her through some sort of terrible pain as she grew older, my dad believed he had no choice but to install it in her. The chip did more than make her feel better, it made her better overall; in athletics, academics, etc. Though, I am glad that the only thing that didn't accelerate about her was her height. 

But as she grew older, my father found that without the proper knowledge of an adult about what to do and what not to do, her bionics can glitch. They were also wired to her nervous system, so she had to stay homeschooled for a while until she learned better, though thanks to her bionic brain, she learned quickly. 

It was fun to have a bionic sister because it made me strive to be a great big brother. I've looked out for her for practically forever. And it turned me into the cooler, more social, awesome big brother I am today. Sometimes my big brother instincts kick when I'm around Parker. 

After my dad figured out his invention was a success, he tested more minor versions of my sister's bionics on actual adults. However, from what I've heard, not all of the tests were successful. Some effected the test subjects physically; for example, it would effect their fingers and their freeze-fingers would turn into frozen fingers. Some effected the people on the inside, like those twins they tested on; same exact bionics, but one lost their voice forever, while the other had to speak what they were thinking without a choice (wonder what happened to them). There was even that one guy who went mentally insane, but Dad never really told Jane or I about that one. 

How do I know about him in the first place? Simple; my little six-year-old sister's power of eavesdropping. Well, not an actual power, but she can apparently turn up or turn down the sensitivity of her hearing. So... yeah.

Parker and I still wonder why my little sister was the only one who had bionics with no terrible consequences. Maybe it had something to do with her things being implanted at birth. Maybe it had something to do with her disease. Maybe they accidentally added something during the operation. I don't know, and I never will because of that dam fire. 

And now, there's suddenly a girl who is apparently my sister's best friend who has always had the same dam  powers as her-

Suddenly, I heard one of the little kids squeal in surprise. I was pulled out of my train of thoughts as I locked eyes on what they were squealing at. Butterflies flapped around in my stomach as the black-as-ebony castle came into view. Sentinels of the same color and code patrolled the surroundings, circling around the castle in a straight line at the same speed in a weird and creepy way. It could've just been me but I thought the castle seemed more menacing, with the virtual storm clouds rolling in and all.

Little Enzo and DJ gripped each other's hand in comfort, both visibly afraid of what's inside and the castle itself. On the other side of Tamra, our basketball star stood strong but his clenched fists showed how he was ready to smash all the sentinels for scaring the kids and taking away their mom. On the far right, my little buddy was fidgeting with his fingers, but I couldn't tell if it was from the castle or our newer, slightly intimidating teammate who apparently was not the girl he thought was. Our ninja... it was kind of hard to read her since I usually had to rely on her facial features when it came to Tamra. With the suit on, you couldn't see her face or her eyes or her lips or...

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