20. Tough Love

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"Stars can't shine without darkness

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"Stars can't shine without darkness."


"That was fucking awesome!" Bree exclaimed, vigorously while Cayden and I approached her and Alec standing by a white Audi.

Bree looked oddly pumped and excited while Alec couldn't stop grinning. It was weird to see Bree not being flirty towards Alec or any guy since I woke up from my coma. I guess she was done with that, and I couldn't be any happier for her. I was wrong about Bree Johnson. She was more than the the dumb diva and slut she showed to be in front of the whole town. So much more.

"They seem to be hitting it off well," Cayden mumbled to me while we walked alongside each other towards them.

I grinned. "Why wouldn't they? Alec is so goofy and charming and Bree is the definition of a sassy queen and super adorable. I predicted this."

"Oh, hey guys. Nice hoodie, Cay-Cay. Maroon red looks nice on you. Totally makes your eyes pop," Bree complimented, cheerfully.

Surprised by the sudden compliment, Cayden raised his brows. "Thanks..?"

"So what are you guys up to?" I asked, curiously.

"Alec took me underground street racing and taught me how to change a tyre on a car," Bree replied, rather pleased with herself.

Cayden's eyes widened as he stared at Bree. "You didn't know how to...?" She shook her head and he looked at Alec. "She didn't...?" He glanced at me. "You don't know how to either...?" When I shook my head he continued by sighing, "Rich people."

"Anyway, Bree, you're fucking awesome. You are nothing like people in this town tend to say you are. No dumb blondie, no seducing smile, and no flirty lines. You're just funny, intelligent, chill and cool," Alec confessed, twisting a small towel between his fingers before tossing it aside and jumping up to sit on the hood of the car.

Genuinely and wholeheartedly touched, a soft smile spread across her face. "Thanks, but all the credit goes to your one and only Fallen Star. Her attempt changed me completely."

Her eyes met mine and we exchanged a smile. I'm glad that my attempt to end my life, changed Bree. She needed this change and deep down I felt like she really wanted it as well.

As if wanting to make a point, Cayden cleared his throat. "Well, just warning you, she's the sassiest bitch in town. She talks more than a parrot. When I was going to see Maya at the hospital, we drove there in the same car and she just couldn't shut up. I swear, she's an annoying bee who can't stop buzzing in someone's ear."

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