Chapter 3 - Wight

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The first thing Wight did upon entering The Old Fox was to trip spectacularly over a chair left upturned from the earlier McEneray-O'Sallows brawl and fall flat on his face.

He stumbled to his feet, embarrassed, and glanced around, looking for the people he'd been told to meet. His gaze finally settled on Sayest's uncles.

Wight was a thin, wiry man with curly brown hair and blue eyes that never seemed to stay still or focus on anything. He was dressed in a typical Bluecoat uniform, which consisted of a blue cap, a black shirt and trousers, and the trademark blue coat with gold trim and brass buttons.

"Mr. Trinn and Mr. Obo?" he asked, his voice thin and reedy. He offered a quivering hand for them to shake, which they did, albeit hesitantly.

Aleyl and Sayest exchanged glances. This was the man sent to be their law enforcement? He looked like a complete pushover.

"And who might you three be?" Wight asked, looking at the three teenagers seated around the table.

"This is my nephew Sayest and his friends, Aleyl and Calin," Trinn said.

Obo, meanwhile, was glancing around. "I think it might be best if we took this somewhere private."

Wight looked serious for a moment. "I agree."

Obo waved Tim over and asked if any of his back, private rooms were open. Tim nodded and silently handed them a key, pointing to the back door on the far right, before returning to the bar to serve the town's butcher a glass of his finest wine. The rather simple man apparently had very sophisticated tastes.

The five of them stood and made their way to the back of the pub. Wight followed. Obo turned the key and they all entered the room single file before he shut it behind them again and locked it.

The room was small, but cozy. There was a fireplace, smaller than the one in the main tavern, in the back and a large wooden table with nine chairs situated around it, one at the head and four on each side.

"Well, why doesn't everyone take a seat?" Wight suggested right as everyone else was in the middle of doing so. He just looked around awkwardly and took his seat at the front of the table. "So, tell me exactly what happened this morning."

All eyes turned to Sayest, who took a deep breath and began. He told them everything: about the man, exactly what he'd said to the best Sayest could remember, and finally about the brooch itself. When he finished, he placed the brooch in the center of the table and waited for the reaction.

A thick silence blanketed the room as all attention focused on Wight. "May I?" he finally asked, reaching for the brooch but pausing when his hand was mere inches away. Sayest nodded his permission and Wight picked it up, examining it closely.

"I think I might know what this is, but it's extremely hard to tell," he said finally. "Sayest, has anything unusual happened to you today, besides the obvious? Like, have you seen any strange people wandering around, or have you noticed someone might be following you?"

"Yes," Sayest admitted. "Though I've never seen anyone. Just a feeling of being watched." He felt a shiver run down his spine as he thought of it, double-checking to make sure the room had no windows for anyone to be lurking behind.

Wight nodded solemnly. "I thought so."

"So what are you going to do about this?" Obo demanded.

"I'm going to start by going with you to where the man died, and investigate the scene of the crime. I need to determine the identity of the victim so I may report on the incident. Who he is might also shed some light on this situation," he said. "Would you be so kind as to allow me lodgings for the night?"

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