Ch.5 - From Rider to Rider

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After a while of running around the school, searching, Ryou found Midoriya later outside, it seemed he was after having a talk with Bakugou.  All Might was there as well, next to Midoriya.

"Ah, the Kamen Rider.  I heard about the Principal giving you a chance to learn here.  Congratulations on being given a second chance!"

Ryou sighed. "Didn't you call me out during the combat training and said I would be facing disciplinary action?"

"I was merely doing what I was told.  Think nothing of it, Young Soutou!"

Ryou just shrugged his shoulders.  "Hey, Midoriya, can I borrow you for a moment?"

Midoriya was only now noticing Ryou, and the two started walking across the school grounds.

"I guess you've heard by now that I'm the Kamen Rider." Ryou said, clutching his Zi-O Ridewatch.

Midoriya's eyes twinkled with delight and excitement. "I did!  I saw you in action as well!  I can't believe that the Kamen Rider Hero is here at U.A. High, and it's you!"

"Midoriya, did you just call me a hero?"

"Of course!  Everyone calls you a Vigilante, and some people may have reasons for that, but I think you're a Hero!  You did what you could to preserve justice, and save the day!"

That made Ryou smile, knowing that someone out there knew him as more than a rouge hero. "Right, anyways, the reason I came out here, was, well, I need your help."

"Wait, what do you need my help with?"

It was now or never.  Ryou decided he could trust Midoriya with his secret, the secret behind his Quirk and what made him the Kamen Rider.

"Midoriya, my Quirk is called "Kamen Ride".  It's extremely rare Quirk, as far as I know, I'm the only one with that power.  It allows me to harness the power of these..." Ryou showed Midoriya his Zi-O Ridewatch. "....these devices called Ridewatches, to transform into Kamen Riders.  But at the moment, I only have two working Ridewatches, Zi-O, and Geiz.  But Bakugou and Iida gave me these two blank Ridewatches with colour.  The other blank ones that I have are just plain grey, which means they're not activated or something like that.  I would really appreciate it, if I could ask you to help me develop my Quirk."

Midoriya stood there for a moment, with a slightly confused look on his face. "W-why are you telling me all this?  This seems like a lot to take in."

"Midoriya, please.  I've seen you.  You plan and think and it's remarkable how fast you can strategize.  You'd be a huge help to me."

Midoriya still had his left arm in a cast, Ryou was entirely aware of that, and he was probably really beat out.  But if anyway could help him, it was him.  That and... it'd be nice to trust someone.

"We'll talk tomorrow, I'll think about it then.  I'm really beat out and tired."

Ryou breathed a sigh of relief. "Ah...sure.  Take your time and rest.  You did great today.". With that, he grabbed his schoolbag and proceeded to walk home.

The whole way back to his apartment, Ryou was examining the Ridewatches Bakugou gave him.  What could they be?  And what power could they unlock in his quest to become a hero?

He was so caught up in his train of thought, he didn't even realize he entered his apartment and bumped into his Grandmother.

"Grandma!  I'm sorry.  I just...lost my train of thought."

Ryou's Grandmother looked at what Ryou had in his hands. "Oh my!  You have two new Ridewatches!  That's excellent honey!  I guess I know what you're doing this evening?"

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