Part 36

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"You have another brother and you didn't tell me?" She asked with a little hurt in her voice. "Yeah I'm really sorry about that, if it helps I haven't talked to him in two years. Plus I had him in my dungeon." I said to her. "Fine, but you better explain why you hate him." She said.

"Fine it all started three years ago at Christmas time..." I began.


"Alex went out for a while leaving me, Daniel and out little sister alone at home since our parents were out of town." I said almost crying at the thought of my little  sister, we sat down on the couch. "Each time Alex went out of the house Daniel would start taking drugs and hang out with dangerous people which he really shouldn't have." I said remembering back. 

"I would usually hide my little sister in my room in my closet while this went on. Her name was Lily she was the most adorable little girl you could ever have seen." I said to Emilia looking in her eyes, I suddenly remembered something. "Wait here for a minute." I said to her and she nodded okay.

I ran up to my room and got a blue box and walked back.  I sat down and opened the box revealing an album I made for Lily. "This was the present I was supposed to give her that Christmas. She died before I could give her it." I said letting a tear slide down my cheek. 

"My so called brother had gotten in trouble with Marco's gang which made everything so much worse since I accidentally killed Marco's brother." I said to her I pushed my lips to a thin line. "Marco came at Christmas eve did unspeakable things to my sister, the worst thing was that he didn't kill her he made her kill herself because she could't handle the memories. She was only a kid Emilia, she was fucking five!" I said crying, I looked at Emilia and her face showed nothing but sympathy. 

Emilia hugged me tight. "I am so sorry for what happened to your sister." She said while I pulled away from the hug. "Don't be you wasn't the one who did it." I said to her, she gave me a sad smile. "You have every right to hate your brother, but I don't think he meant to do that." She said.

"I know he didn't mean to, but I just can't stop blaming him." I said to her, giving her a sad smile. "I get that, but think a little about how he feels after what he did." She said and made me realize that he must be feeling really shitty which makes me feel awesome. 

"I guess he must feel really shitty." I said to her and she nodded. "That indeed is a fact." I heard a voice behind me, I turned around and surprise surprise it's Daniel. "What do you want?" I asked him with a hint of sass. 

"I think I found your boyfriend, but it is a far travel from here." He said to me. "Where is he?" I asked him with hope in my voice. "Canada." He said and I was like what the fuck? "CANADA?!" I yelled at him making him hold onto his ears. "No need to yell but yes Canada in Toronto, I can text you the address." He said and I nodded. I turned to Emilia but she knew already what I was thinking. 

"I'll pack the bags." She said getting up. I walk towards Daniel. "Thank you for finding him." I said to him and I ma probably going to regret it later but I hugged him; I took him by surprise but he hugged me back. "Bye Daniel, Alex will show you where Marco is. After that go do what you want, but keep me and Alex out of it." I said then I took something out of my pocket. "Here take this cash and have a great life." I said shoving the cash at him.

I walked away and into my room. I took a quick shower and changed into some Adidas leggings with a large thrasher hoodie which was Cayden's but I stole it. I pulled on my combat boots and put some guns in a bag and ammo just in case something happens. 

I called into the only base I have in Canada because it is so hard to get gang members there they are just too nice. I sent a quick text to Alyssa that she needed to get ready for the trip. She replied with an quick okay, I quickly called one of my pilots that he had to fly us to Canada in about an hour.

I packed my bag with some clothes and some cash since I would most likely not use my credit card. In walk quickly downstairs to see that Emilia and Alyssa was waiting for me.

We were about to walk out when I heard a voice saying to us. "I am coming with you." I turned around and to my surprise I saw Daniel and Alex. "Correction we are coming with you." Daniel said and I raised an eyebrow at him. 

"Why? Alex I get why is coming with us but why you Daniel?" I asked him with a hint of bitchiness in my voice. "Because I ain't got anything better to do and I want to know what all the fuss about this Cayden guy is." He said and I couldn't care less.

"Fine but don't get in the way." I said and walked outside with them. We got inside my one of my cars and drove off. I turned the radio on as I drove. 

We arrived at the airport and got to my plane and waited for the pilot. We waited outside of the plane when the pilot arrived. "Hello Skylar." He said and I smiled at him. We got onto the plane it wasn't big but big enough for a few people to be on it. 

We sat in silence as the plane took off. I put in my airpods I just bought and listened to music. (Gotta flex on the airpods." 

I fell asleep after awhile, I slept like that for the rest of the flight.

I was shook awake by Emilia but it didn't really work so I could hear Alyssa say. "Step away." As she said that I could feel a strong pain on my right cheek. "Auch! Why the fuck did you do that?!" I yelled at her fully awake. 

"You wouldn't wake up." She said like it was nothing. "You fucking bitch! You know not to wake me up! I was on a date with Chris Hemsworth!" I complained to her. "Geez! Sorry." She said holding her hands up in defeat. 

"Whatever." I mumbled.


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