Chapter 12- pt.2

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                Sherane POV

I ran in the house, up the stairs, and into Roc's room crying all over agian!! He woke up and started panicing.

        "Babe, what's wrong??" He said sitting up looking at me. I pointed at my bear then I dragged him down the steps and to his car. "o my gosh...Sherane. You saved me!" We went back to his room. I finally stopped crying and got myself together.

        "Uhh, Roc, can you give me a second?" He nodded and left. I was just observing the bullet hole, trying to see how I was gonna patch up the hole when I felt something inside. I started to tear at he bear a little, not too much, and I pulled the little paper from inside of it out. I opened it and it read:

        Dear My Little Princess,

I hope your doing just fine...If you're reading this I know something bad must've happened because you like to destroy things when stuff happens. If that didnt happen, then whatever actions lead you to get this letter is from God. I just wanted to let you know that I love you with all my heart. And I hope by now that you've found a guy who will love you for you. If you've showed him this bear and he still loves and stays with you, HE'S A KEEPER! I wish I could be there to see this lucky guy. But hopefully if it's God's plan me and you can meet in a dream or something...if that's how it works in heaven...i dont really know. Ha. But I just wanted to say again...I love you, I love you, I love you. And I hope your fear of storms are over...if not, you've still got a piece of me.


Your Daddy

I started crying aaallll over again! Maybe it was God's plan, because I feel a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. I've been carrying this all of my life. The letter was just the icing on the cake to help all of the rest come out. I laid in Roc's bed with the letter and the bear by my side, feeling safe.

                Roc POV

I walked in the room only to find Sherane, the bear, and.....a note?? I picked it up and read it. It was a deep note. I get next to her and lay with her. I put my arm around her, as usual,  and I started  watching TV.

                Sherane POV

        "Hey baby girl. I see you got my letter!" 

        "Daaadddyyyy" I said running to him in this green meadow.

        "How has my babygirl been?"

        "Uhhh...I guess I've been doing good"

        "You know, I know, that you're lying to me." I just shook my head. He came by me and we laid down and just looked at the clouds.

        "It's just so much that's been going on lately..."

        "You remember what I told you as a little girl?" I shook my head no.  "If you're ever in a hard time in life, pray. And I promise God has a plan for you. Trust me, I know!!" I looked at him excited.

        "Can you tell me what it is?"

        "I could, but, I want you to pray and work for it. Not let me tell you everything. And plus I dont wanna ruin the surprise." I smiled and laughed with him. Everything started to become a blurr.

        "Noo! I can't see!" I cried out.

        "Our time is almost up...."

        "I dont wanna leave!"

        "We'll meet again! I promise. But until then, that new guy, Chresanto, he's a good guy, he'll protect you. Love YOu sweetheart!"

        "Love You too!!"

I woke up. I looked at Roc watching Tosh.0..

        "Hey babe. Had a good nap?" I just looked at him and kissed him. I didnt stop until what seemed like 5 hours later.   "What was that for??"

        "I had a dream about my dad...and before I woke up, he told me that you was the one, that you would protect me..." Roc turned off the TV and kissed me for what seem liked 5 more hours...I looked him into the eyes...

        "I think it's time...I think I'm ready..." His eyes widened.

        "Are you sure?? Are you positive??"

        "Yea, I think we're ready...I feel confident in us." He nodded his head, and went to work.  (;

----Soooo, what ya'll think?? I had put this in there to fill in for some chapters...I needed to make this book longer becuase I'm running outta ideas, sooo this book might come a little short. But I'll try my hardest to not make it short....Imma try to get to like 20 or more chapters....luhh yaaaalllll!!!!!

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