Chapter 13

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*Valeria's POV*

"Why does he have to be so weird?! One moment he is randomly approaching me to see how I'm doing, the next he is completely rude!"

Valeria ranted to herself as she stormed out of the auditorium. She grumbled to herself all the way home. She was so wrapped up in her train of angry thoughts, that she did not hear her name being called. Which was why, the moment a hand jerked her shoulder back she nearly jumped out of her skin and swung her fist at the same time. Angrily she turned to find the source of her foul mood standing there with a look of annoyance on his perfect face.

"are you deaf?! I have been calling out your name for five minutes! I had to follow you like an idiot yelling your name all the way to your apartment, what's wrong with you?!"

At that point, Valeria was done. She turned around and was about to storm off when she felt a forceful jerk of her backpack, and that is when she exploaded.

"Enough! I have had enough! I am a human being not a rag doll you can just drag around! And I do not need you constantly yelling at me and talking to me like I'm slow! I do not know what crime I committed so bad that you have to treat me this way, Just leave me alone!"

the tears fell against her will and her chest heaved with frustration. In an instant Kyle's face softened and he pulled her into a tight embrace. Despite herself, she leaned in and felt herself being comforted. Strangely, she felt safe in his arms. Unconsciously, snuggled against his strong chest.

As sudenly as he pulled her in, he pulled away as though her touch would electrocute him. His face returned to its usual frustrated look. He ran a hand through his hair, and walked away. Leaving Valeria very confused.

She could not get the look he gave her just before pulling her in, out of her mind. For the hundredth time, she asked herself is she would ever understand the enigma that is Kyle.

She walked into her apartment headed straight for her room and flung herself on the bed. It was only 12:15pm, but she was already exhausted. And almost immediately, she fell into a deep sleep. But it would not be a restful one, she would find herself dreaming the same dream she had experienced three days in a row. A dream that always ended the same way, with her sitted on a bench on a hilltop.....

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