Chapter 43

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Song: Heaven and Back by Chase Atlantic. Honestly listen to those lyrics🖤

 Honestly listen to those lyrics🖤

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I'm practically bursting at the seams by the time Friday rolls around. Wednesday I almost walked straight into Seth with his arm around Sasha in the middle of the Caf. She blinked her gorgeous, dark brown, cat-like eyes at me not knowing who the hell I was. Seth stares at me for a minute, his eyes piercing straight through me, grabbed her by her hand and guided her around me.

And I felt it.

I felt that stab of jealousy from seeing them together. I have never wanted to reach out and jerk the bitch away from him so bad. A couple Oxy's later and I barely made it to my dorm room before passing out. Akina Lee found me in the floor a few hours later.

I've been snorting pills so fast I only had two left this morning. I snorted one after I woke up and one before my shift at Pecker's which is where I am currently and wouldn't you know it those asshole frat boys decided it would be a good night to come in and hit on me. It was almost a relief that they didn't treat me like a delicate little porcelain doll like everyone else does. Except they're assholes and I'm at the end of a very thin rope.

I duck into the bathroom and text Nixon.

To Nixon: I need you to pick me up after my shift in 10 mins SOS

I hate relying on him but I don't really have a choice either, plus we've gotten along so much better lately. With my phone tucked in my pocket I walk back to the frat boys table to make sure they're okay.

"Hey Ginger, you wanna come home with me tonight? I'm an amazing grief counselor." The lead frat asshole asks.

Are you joking, you little asshole!

Who the hell says this crap, amazing grief counselor? I'd bet he's caused way more grief than he's ever healed, that's for sure.

"Your Mom should've been smart and swallowed you when you shot helplessly out of your Dads dick." As usual the words tumble out of my mouth, except this time I don't feel like stuffing them back in.

I'm glad they came out because it's the truth and I'm growing tired of dealing with these idiots. That grief he spoke of is starting to consume me as the single Oxy I snorted before my shift wasn't enough but anger boils at my core waiting for me to lash out and who better to release it on than the group of frat assholes who think it's okay to harass people. They all gape at me like I've grown two extra heads.

I smirk at them placing my hand on my hip. "What, nothing to say now?"

"You're a bitch, I want to speak to your manager." He practically spits.

I can't help but give a fake laugh. "I'm a bitch because I finally talked back to you, yet you come here multiple times a week just to harass me and expect me not to say anything?"

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