Chapter 162 - I am Jealous of You

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"This..." My mother-in-law was just starting to speak...

"I don't want to!" Xiao Cha suddenly screamed in the arms of old Madam Ye, "I don't want to marry!" 

Old master Ye got angry and gave her another hard slap across the face, "You still haven't brought enough shame?" 

Xiao Cha was still crying, with both sides of her face red and swollen, "I am not your daughter! I don't want to marry! I don't want to marry someone I don't know just to save your face."

"You ... you..." Madam Ye was so angry that she passed out. 

I saw that Xiao Cha was crying so much that I quickly went to wipe her face, stopping the servants who were coming to pull her up and curiously asked her: "Xiao Cha, who are you going to marry?"

Xiao Cha still sitting on the ground, clutched my sleeve and desperately pleaded: "Miao Miao jiejie save me. They betrothed me to a man who I don't even know. The man spends his time with ghosts every day. I heard that he is fiendish, ugly, bloodthirsty and very terrifying, I'm so afraid."

**("Jiejie" means older sister)**

"Is there such a man?" I suddenly became angry, "Xiao Cha don't be afraid, I will help you kill him! Let's see if he dares to come to marry you!"

When I finished speaking, I glanced around and some servants sensing my ferocity shrunk back, while some stupid ones dared to come forward, but were stopped by the man I saw yesterday. Xiang Qing gently coughed and walked over and whispered, "Miao Miao...even if you don't kill me, I still wouldn't dare to go marry her." 

Ah? I was confused.

Xiao Cha also looked at Xiang Qing and said, "My engagement with you?

Xiang Qing said, a little embarrassed, "If you are a person from the Ye family, the Ye family's second daughter, then your betrothed should be me..." 

"That's great!" Xiao Cha jumped up from the ground, grabbed Xiang Qing's hand, "Let's tell them quickly. You don't marry me, okay?" After a little while, she remembered her words and apologized, "You are not an ugly fiendish man, I was talking nonsense, Don't let it bother you."

Old Master Ye waved his cane, separating the two of her and indignantly demanded, "Who told you, that the husband you will be marrying is such a person?"

"It is the third brother!" Xiao Cha turned and pointed her finger at a young young master in the crowd.

The young master was sneaking away, but was noticed by everyone, he blushed and confessed, "I saw that meimei was very ill. So I tried a scare tactic... but it didn't work. I didn't expect her to take it seriously..."

**("meimei" means younger sister)**

"Is this...isn't this absurd?" Old Master Ye seems to love to use his cane to hit people. He raised his rod and hit the young master, and continued to beat him until he was satisfied.

The other two men, who may also be his sons, hurried forward, pulling the old man. Master Ye persuaded, "Father, don't be angry, being angry is not good for your body."

I looked at the tearful beaten young master and looked at the old man who was seemed to be busting with energy, I really could not tell who's body was not good here...

Old Madam Ye came forward and pulled Xiao Cha to persuade her, "Silly girl, you have stayed at home for so long, if you still don't marry him, will there be anyone in the future who will want you?"

"I will be a spinster for a lifetime and will not marry!" Xiao Cha announced.

"Do you think if you don't want to marry then you won't marry?" The second master stepped forward and shook his head at her, "You must know that the emperor has passed an edict. That for men, the age of 20 and for women, 15, they must marry. Otherwise, they will be matched by the government. If you don't marry Xiang Qing, will you marry a villager who you don't even know anything about his character?"

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