42: Everything was Perfect

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I came home from running errands to see both Scott and Wesley laying on the couch. Wesley was asleep with his head resting on Scott's arm, while Scott laid on his side and tugged the blanket up a little to keep Wes warm.
"How are you boys feeling?" I asked, causing Scott to glance over.
"Sick," Scott croaked, his voice harsh and raspy. A few days ago, right after Wesley got his cast off, our toddler caught a fever and that quickly spread to Scott. I was somehow still fine, as was the baby, so I took it upon myself to nurse my boys back to health.
I rested my hand against Scott's forehead and he pouted when I commented on how hot he felt. Doing the same to Wesley's head, I shook my head and suggested we move Wesley to his bedroom to rest up.
Wesley, of course, woke up mid move and started to cry. He demanded to be in Scott's arms and in the livingroom, so Scott, despite his fever and soreness, decided to bring the blowup mattress into the livingroom and clear some space for him and Wesley to lay down.
I made sure they were comfortable on the bed before dimming the lights and opening the window against the far wall. Wesley's puppy took camp on the couch and watched over the two sick boys while I decided to make some soup in the kitchen.
I could hear Scott reading Wesley a book to help him sleep and I found myself admiring Scott more and more each day. Despite how sick he felt, Scott put himself second and made sure Wesley was happy before caring for himself. It took a while, but the toddler was soon fast asleep with his dog against his one side and Scott against his other.
It wasn't long before Scott also fell asleep and buried his face against the pillow, while also keeping an arm around Wesley.
I quickly moved the room divider into place and returned back to the kitchen. Eventually, I finished lunch and decided to finish setting up the nursery for baby number two before starting to clear the house.

Scott and I had decided to paint the nursery neutral and light colors, so the furniture was all light brown and white accented. Scott hung up family photos on one wall while the other held a mirror behind the changing table.
The room was beyond adorable and even though I was so excited for the baby, I couldn't help but get a little sad because I wasn't able to go all out like this for Wesley.
Money was so tight when I had him and even though I knew I could have asked my parents for more money, I didn't want to come off as an incapable young parent that needed mom and dads' help.
Wesley, while he had all of the necessities he needed, didn't have as many toys as I wanted to give him, until I got the manager job and was able to afford it a little more.
We weren't poor by any means, but living in California didn't help the money saving process in any way.
Shaking my head, I folded the baby's clothes we just washed before putting them away and resting my hand on my stomach.
Baby number two will be here in a few weeks and I was beyond excited. I never would have thought Scott would come back and know about Wes; let alone us want to have another baby so soon.
And sure, I was a little nervous to see how Scott would handle a newborn, but I knew he would continue to be an incredible father. He and Wesley got along so incredibly well, that it didn't seem like they missed two years together. Wesley loved Scott so much and going to school with Scott helped him grow so much in such little time.
Wesley loved coming home and telling me about what he learned; showing me the 'tests' he had while Scott took his. Scott's professor's were all so incredibly nice to Wesley and went out of their way to help him feel better about being in class.
Scott's business law professor, an elderly lady, often gave Wesley homework and tests that consisted of coloring pages and easy math and reading assignments that he, much to our surprise, loved to do.
We were beyond thankful for her for helping us teach Wesley about school and counting and even invited her and some of Scott's other professors over for Wesley's birthday and the baby shower.
Scott even got Wesley a little binder for his papers and it was rare to see the toddler without it. Even now, as he slept on the bed in the livingroom, the binder was sitting close by on the coffee table.
With all of this in mind, I was so excited to see what personality our second baby would have when she was born. If she was anything like Wesley, she'd be all over the place and a practical adult by the time she hit her third birthday. Even more, Scott and I couldn't wait to see how Wesley would react to being an older brother. Especially to a sister.
Wesley was excited and I knew he didn't know exactly what was going on, but it was still beyond adorable to see him talk about the baby and how much they'd play together and how often he'd teach her about his classes with 'Cott'.
Everything was falling into place and I was so excited. I had an incredible family, the best group of friends ever, and my literal dream home— I never expected for my life to turn out this incredibly and even though I was beyond nervous to have a second baby running around the house, words couldn't even begin to describe how excited and happy I felt about my new future with my family.

Everything was perfect.


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