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"The mother of my child has been kidnapped, I need you to come to New Orleans,"

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"The mother of my child has been kidnapped, I need you to come to New Orleans,"

"I've had a pretty terrible night I have been stabbed after I had my brain and soul searched by shadow ninjas. I might actually be hallucinating," Arianna stated in confusion, she wasn't sure if there was any long term side effects from those shadow ninjas besides the '5 ' tattoo behind her ear, but, her brothers words did not make any logical sense to the exhausted tribrid, "I could swear I just heard you say the mother of your child has been kidnapped and that obviously makes no sense because we can not procreate brother."

"Hayley is carrying my child, that is why she is staying with us, the witches lured her and us here. I'll explain everything when you get here and we have privacy, just get to New Orleans, please, Arianna, I need your help sister."

At the sincerity in her brothers voice Arianna froze, the werewolves around her all watched her curiously as her heartbeat jumped in speed. "She's truly carrying your child?" Arianna whispered running a hand through her wild red hair and wanting a final conformation - even though she believed him.

"I promise you sister," he vowed softly, "I've heard the baby's heartbeat myself."

"I'm going to be an aunt." she realised, smiling brightly, "and I'm going to gut whomever had the audacity to kidnap a pregnant lady,"

Arianna began exiting the loft, her mind drifting to tracking down Hayley, before realisation stuck. The baby was a Niklaus' child, and that meant they shared blood. She could track the child through her blood, she only needed a map and candles.

"Niklaus, I have an idea to find Hayley's location," she announced to her brother, "I share blood with the baby, we are both children of Esther even if we have different fathers. Therefore, by using my blood I can try and locate Hayley. I'll call you back once I've tried the spell."

Arianna ended the call and turned back towards the teens and Derek who had been listening to her conversation, she smiled slightly before directing her focus towards Derek. "Do you have a map and candles?"

The physically older werewolf nodded and walked off, he came back a moment later carrying the requested items with a curious expression on his face.

Arianna thanked the werewolf and immediately set the map open on the floor while placing the candles on the corners of the map. Letting her vampire fangs protrude Arianna bit her palm dropping several drops of her blood in the top corner, away from any land so she could see the clearest path.

"Incendia", cast Arianna lighting the candles as she knelt in front of the map and closed her eyes thinking of the pregnant mother, "Où tu fuis, A pouvoir la trouver. Yonn souri nan zeb.," Arianna took a breath as she felt the connection to Hayley and began to chant the second spell to track her familial connection through the babies blood, "Le six ce strul no cruv. Le six ce strul no cruv. Le six ce strul no cruv." Arianna opened her eyes staring intently at the blood as it travelled across the map.

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