Chapter One

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Kaitlyns Pov

"So this is it!" Jakes says setting down a box in the living room.

"Thanks again for helping me move out of that shit hole." I smile.

"Yeah. No problem. But I gotta get going. Im supposed to pick Sara up in 15." He says grabbing his coat.

"Oh alright. JORDAN." I yell.

"Yeah mommy?" She asks so innocently.

"Uncle Jake is leaving. Say goodbye." I say looking towards him.

"Bye uncle. See you soon." She jumps into his arms and hugs him.

"Bye baby girl." He kisses her head and walks out the door.

So. Want a recap on whats happened so far?

Well my life has been pretty busy. But thanks to Jake, I didnt overly raise Jordan on my own. He helped alot. Babysat when i had tons of homework or had to work. He was the best.

Does Nash know about Jordan? He doesnt have a damn clue.

I called him. So many times. Left messages on how I had someone for him to meet, or something to tell him. He never called or texted me back ever.

He got so caught up in the fame. He is acting now. I havent seen him in years though.

Jordan is 3, almost 4. I named her Jordan, because I knew Nash always said if he ever had a girl, thats the name he would want for her. And I really wanted a bit of him in her.

Jordan knows a bit about Nash. I have shown her tons of pictures. I want him in her life more then anything. I just dont know how now. She could identify him out of a group of people most likely.

But then again, maybe not considering she is only 3.

I just finished school. I work with young kids. Jordan and I just moved to California actually. Jake helped me out with boxes and such. Plus his girlfriend, Sara, has friends who live here that she wanted to visit. So they were more then happy with helping me out.

If your wondering, my mom passed away about two years ago. It was hard. But I had to stay strong to be the best mom I could be for Jordan. And I only had one boyfriend. That was right after I had Jordan. His name was Cole. He was very sweet, but he wasnt ready to take on parenting. And I obviously understood that.

It sounds terrible, but I still havent been to North Carolina. Basically everyone knows about my baby Jordan, except for Nash himself.

They offered to tell Nash for me considering they obviously saw him more then i did. I say i wanted him to find out from me. Everyone tried to talk to him and tell him to call me. They said I had something important to tell him. He just said, he didnt have time. Or would make up another lame excuse.

I sorta gave up. Elizabeth and the rest of the family has visited me, to meet Jordan. But I have only seen them about twice since I moved to Toronto.

I saw Aubrey alot. She came to visit me constantly. Her and Cameron are still together, but since Magcon started, all of the guys are gone alot. So its hard for her to see him.

She said that whenever anyone even brought me up to Nash, he would storm off and leave the room. He said he didnt want to talk about me. Which is whatever. I hurt him, so I guess I kinda deserve that.

I just wish he heard me out. I wish he knew about Jordan. Thats really all i ever wanted. Whether we were together or not, i wanted him to be apart of Jordans life.


"Mommy?" Jordan yells waking me up.

"Yes baby?" I run into her room. Her face is red and stained with tears.

"Jory. Whats wrong honey?" I ask and sit on the end of her bed.

"I had a bad dream." She whimpers.

"About what?" I ask.

"Monsters." She says quietly.

"Baby, we checked for monsters last night before bed remember? There are none." I say and hold her hand.

"Mom im scared." She cries harder.

"Okay fine. Just tonight okay baby? I dont want to make a habit out of this." I say and she nods and I carry her to my room.

Jordan is terrified of monsters. She thinks they will eat her or something. She recently has been getting these nightmares about them, she wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes.

I dont know how she got this fear, might be a kid thing I guess.

"Goodnight baby. Sweet dreams." I kiss the top of her head.

"Night mama." She wraps my arm around herself and falls into a deep sleep.


I wake up the next morning with my phone ringing, its Aubrey.

"Hello?" I say rasply into the phone.

"Hey girl!" She says happily.

"Mhhm." I whine.

"So Cam and I were thinking of coming to Calli for a bit, if ya have a bit of room." She says with hope in her voice.

"Yeah of course!" I say feeling more awake.

"Great. We were thinking in a few days? We will only stay 3 or 4 days. He has a modelling thing down there. And I really miss you and Jordan so ya." She says excitedly.

"Please come. We both miss you more then ever. And I know she would love to see her Cammy." I say and laugh. I look down at Jordan and she looks so peaceful.

She has dark brown hair, its pretty long. She has bright blue eyes like Nashs. She is the most precious girl in the entire world.

"Yeah! Okay, well Ill talk to Cam and we will book our flight and be down in a few days. Love youu bye!" She hangs up.

I quickly have a shower before Jordan gets up and put on my leggings and a tshirt. I put on very light makeup, ive cut down alot ever since becoming a mom. Im usually way to busy to even do my hair, let alone do my makeup.

"Mommy?" Jordan says. Well I guess she is awake.

"In here babe." I say so she can hear me from the bathroom.

"I like our house mommy." She says rubbing her eyes.

"Me too baby." I say and kiss the top of her head.

"Can we go to Denny's for breakfast? do they have that here?" She asks.

"Hmm. I suppose we could do that. But you need to get dressed, and brush your hair and teeth first." I say and she runs to her room.

When I go in there she has jeans and a shirt in her hands, she still needs a bit of help getting dressed.

"Mommy can you do my hair?" She asks.

"Yes baby." I say and grab the hair brush and soon start braiding it.

Next thing I know were off to find the nearest Denny's.

Nashs Pov

I still havent talked to Kaitlyn since she left. And I dont plan on talking to her. Ive listened to her voicemails saying she needed to talk to me and such. But I dont want to hear it.

She left me. Its too late now anyways. Even if I still do want to see her, she will probably think im pathetic for waiting this long. She has probably moved on.

I am still single. I did have a girlfriend, we did last very long though, maybe only 5 months.

I just wonder what Kaitlyn had to tell me? It was obviously important. But whenever I ask anyone what it is, they say I need to hear it from her. But whatever. Nobody has really bugged me about talking to her recently. So it mustn't be very important anymore.

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