Chapter 1: Kai Red

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Ausborn city is a young urban center compared to other nearby cities, and the rustic feel of its downtown region showed this more than the odd abundance of greenery throughout its territory- greenery which the city council planned to keep going for business' sake. With a population of mostly youth due to a couple of college campuses, and a deep history in the arts, the range of patronages in Ausborn was a bit wacky.

Kai Reed did not have his work cut out for him. In a sprawling city filled with ordinary joes and a healthy dose of shady janes to balance it out, cracking the mystery of 45 year old Anna Jones' disappearance was close to impossible. Sure, it had all started out for fun- like it always did- and the column he'd write would have covered his rent for the next month. However, Jones was a ghost.

There were no witnesses close to her time of disappearance.

No suspicious emails, mails, or phone calls.

No family to speak of.

No close friends who knew a lot about her past or background beyond her reputation as a long-time, local, violin teacher for the last 20 years.

No debt to cover.

No ill reputation- all her clients and associates loved her.

No connections with criminals.

No criminal record to begin with.

She was a complete blank slate.

And Kai Red hated, and loved, nothing more than a blank slate. It made his hand itch. Plus, this case gave him that feeling- the cool rush over his skin which made his hairs rise and the subtle turn in his gut and heartbeat.

This was going to be a chase. A hunt.

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