Chapter 2

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It's the next day, although with the dark space around me, i cant really tell what day it is until i look at my watch. I wake up to the familiar metal walls around me. The walls that have kept me trapped in here for 301 days.

I groggily sit up, drowsiness making me want to curl up and go back to sleep. I slide my legs to the side of the bed and use my strength to stand up.

I make my way over to my food stash and grab some freeze dried coffee, i warm up my coffee and use a straw to poke a hole in the bag and drink the tasty beverage.

Walking over to my IP Phone i call my family. I take a sip of my coffee as i hear the familiar Skype ringtone as its the only other sound heard on the shuttle.

"Hey baby girl!" My mom yells happily over the phone.

"Hi mom, how have you guys been?" I ask.

"We have been pretty good, your father is currently building a treehouse space station for Asher in the backyard." She says with a small smile.

A tear slowly makes its way out of my eye. "How has Asher been?" I ask in a quiet voice.

Sighing my mother responds "He misses you so much, tells his friends at school that his big sister is the youngest astronaut to ever travel to Mars." She says with a quiet chuckle. "How much longer do you have until you reach destination?" She suddenly asks.

"It's day 301 as of today, I have roughly 50+ days."

"How exciting!" My mom gushes.

"Ava! Could you come help us bring some stuff up in Ashers 'space station'?" I hear my dad call.

"Yes dear ill be right there! Sorry hunny your dad needs some help with Ashers 'space station'." She tells me.

"That's okay, i have some stuff i have to do around the shuttle anyway." I lie. "Tell dad and Asher i said hello."

"Will do, i love you."

"Love you too, mom"

The call is disconnected and i am once again surrounded by silence. I stand up from the chair i have been sitting in talking with my mom, and walk over to the main part of the shuttle.

I take a look at everything to make sure everything is exactly the way it should be. Turning around I exit the room not before taking a look at a family picture with me, mom, dad and Asher. I linger near the picture a little too long and walk out of the room.

I feel exhaustion creeping up on me, so i decide to head to my bed and take a well needed nap. Being stuck up in space by yourself for days by yourself, you really don't have much to do.

I feel my eyes grow heavy and soon slip into darkness.

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