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Todoroki's POV
It's been a week since Izuku was taken. This week has been really hard, I've gotten little to no sleep, I haven't really eaten. Uraraka has been forcing me to eat at least a little. We have made a plan, but I'm scared. We also have a backup plan in case that one backfires. We plan to do it tomorrow and I was told to rest up because I have been falling asleep during the planning meetings. I went to bed reluctently after Ida said, "You wont be very helpful if your tired and falling asleep." As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell into a deep sleep. I still had everything on.

Midoriya's POV
My eyes fluttered open. Yesterday's memories came flooding back. Tears start falling down onto my still bound legs. I hear a loud crash as something breaks above my head. Whatever it is the pieces fall down onto me. Someone picks up my head. They move my head around and stop when, I'm guessing, they saw the cut from Toga. Whoever they are they come really close to me and whisper, "Don't scream or I'll have to hurt you." Whoever they are they took off the thing around my mouth. I was able to breath normally again but was sure not to make a peep, I dont think they were kidding when they said they would hurt me, I also don't know where anything is. "Open your mouth." The person was talking again. Their voice breathy again, not as forceful as before. I think its the guy from before, the one that pulled me back. I follow the orders and a spoon like thing was placed in my mouth. I insitinclently closed my mouth. They pulled the spoon out, leaving whatever on it in my mouth. "Eat." I started chewing, it's rice. I swallow and another spoonful is brought to my mouth.

~Next Day~

Todoroki's POV
Today we will be getting Izuku back.

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