the one with another joke

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"So, Felix," Jisung teased with a mouthful of food, "Bin told us what his mom gave you guys."

Felix's face lit up red. "You can't mention that here! We may be at lunch but we're still at school," he whined, covering his face with his hands.

Jisung just laughed again. "No, it's a good idea. We can't have Changbin getting you pregnant at such a young age, now can we?"
Hyunjin took a seat next to Felix, Seungmin following close behind. They instantly noticed Felix's discomfort with the situation.
"Y'know," Seungmin offered, "You don't need to be embarrassed about the whole thing with Changbin. We know it's a joke anyway. You two wouldn't really end up together. Plus, neither of you are even gay." He took a bite of celery, the crunching sound seeming to declare his sentence final as Felix became even more tense. Hyunjin laid a reassuring hand on his shoulder as Felix sighed and continued eating in silence.

Hyunjin cleared his throat. "I mean, it could happen," he said nonchalantly, "We always say that they've been friends long enough that we wouldn't even be surprised if those two got married."

The group fell silent for a moment before they all resumed laughing hysterically. Jeongin slammed his fist on the table, wheezing with laughter.

"I don't understand what's so funny about it." A voice cut through the laughter as everyone suddenly noticed that Changbin had been standing behind Felix for a bit. He heard the whole conversation. "You're right, he's been my best friend for so long that we decided if we're both still sad and lonely by the time we're thirty, we'll marry each other for the tax benefits." That just made everyone laugh even harder.

Woojin loudly shrieked with laughter. "I don't know why this is even funny. We've made fun of Changbin and his bride for so long it's gonna be written down in the history books one day."

"My bride?" Changbin asked, sitting down between Felix and Hyunjin. Everyone nodded as they continued to snicker. Changbin calmly wrapped an arm around Felix's shoulders as he grinned and asked, "So, darling, when's the honeymoon?"

The rest of the table erupted with laughter as Felix sighed and let himself fall forward, his forehead hitting the table with a loud clunk.

a/n: i know there aren't many people who read this book, but i promise it gets better. chapter 8 is really cute ;)

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