Snow's Birthday

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Flashback 3rd pov:

A young Snow White, who was about to have a huge birthday celebration, and a young Roselina who was was 9 years old, had their dresses on. Snows was a beautiful pink ball down, gems covering it. Roselina had a light blue dress on, not as puffy as snows but was still beautiful and perfect for her small size. It was a halter dress with gems covering the straps. Snow and Roselina held hands as they walked together. Everyone was preparing for snows birthday party. There mother who was talking to servants turned around looking at her daughters with surprise and pride of how beautiful they both looked.

‘’Do you like it?’’Snow asked

‘’Oh my dear daughters. You two are an absolute vision’’she said to her daughters. They both smiled, happy that there mother approved.

‘’You will be the talk of the ball and not just because its your birthday, Snow.’’

Their mother opened her arms and the two girls hugged there mother.They separated and there mother took them on both sides. Holding there hands.

‘’Come, i cant believe you both are growing up so fast’'She said said. ‘’Which reminds me’’

Their mother faced them. smiling at them.

‘’I have a  gift for you Snow, it was my mothers and her mother before that and soon it will be yours’’

There mother held there hands again and lead them to her room. When they got there they saw Johanna, there maid who was very close to  mother and the family, had a tiara on her head.

‘’Johanna’’there mother said. Snow released her mothers hand and walked over to Johanna

‘’How dare you. That’s mine. It is not for a servant’’Snow said. Angry at Johanna.

‘’It was my mistake’’Johanna said

‘’Servants don’t wear crowns’’Roselina said taking her hand from her mother.

‘’Enough’’Ava said

‘’I'm sorry your majesty''

‘’No, i was talking to my daughters’’

Snow and Roselina looked at their mother with confusion and surprise.

‘’Me?’’They both said together

‘’I thought I raised you better than that, Snow, Rose. It doesn't matter wither someone is a servant or royalty everyone in the kingdom deserves our love and respect’’Ava  said

‘’But she took my tiara’’Snow argued.

‘’She apologized and it isn’t yours yet’’

‘’Your majesty, its alright’’Johanna assured the Queen.

‘’Your kind Joanna. But snow and Roselina must learn. We are all the same’’

‘’But I thought we were royals’’Roselina said straightening her back a little.

‘’We are, but that doesn't make us better than anyone else. The upcoming ball for instance. Can either one of you tell me what its for?’’

‘’It's to honer me on my birthday’’Snow said with pride

‘’No, its for you to honer them. To show them that you will be a kind and benevolent leader when that time comes. Please’’

There mother gestured to johanna who handed the tiara to her.

‘’When you are crowned with this on your birthday It will be a symbol that you always hold goodness in your heart and rule justly. Now do you both understand’’

Both Snow and Roselina nodded at their mother.

‘’I do, mother’’Snow said

‘’Yes, mother, I do’’Rose said

She handed Snow the tiara who took it in her hands softly.

‘’And my dear, Roselina, this one is yours’’

Joanna handed another tiara to the queen who handed it to Roselina.

‘’I thought you would like a tiara like your sisters so you would feel just as equal to Snow on her birthday. Just because she is being celebrated doesn’t mean that you shouldn't be either’’

They both smiled at their mother and walked over to the mirror at the same time. Side by side. Ava put her hands on both of their shoulders.

‘’It's beautiful mother’’Snow said

‘’And it is heavier than it looks’’

Snow and Roselina were about to put the tiaras on but there mother had become weak. They girls both gasped and Johanna held the Queen up right so that she wouldn’t fall. The girls both turned to there mother worry taking over them.

‘’I'm fine’’the Queen said

‘’No, your not’’Johanna said helping her to sit in her chair.

‘’I'm getting the doctor’’Johanna said running off. Roselina and Snow both went to there mothers side. Holding each of her hands in their own.

‘’Mother?’'The girls said together

‘’Im fine dears’’Ava assured them.

Present Rose's pov:

Today was the day. Snows birthday. Snow refused to celebrate it. After what happened to our mother she never wanted to celebrate it. I heard David and snow arguing in the kitchen and I walked out.

‘’No one else knows besides you and Rose’’Snow said.

‘’Well apparently someone else dose and they want you to celebrate to. It was left outside the door this morning’’David said

I walked over and put my hand on Snow's shoulders. She opened the present and then the box. My eyes widened as I saw the tiara that was sitting in the box. It was the one that mother gave Snow for her birthday.

‘’What is it?’’ David asked

Snow picked the tiara up, tears came to my eyes.

‘’I thought that was lost when the curse hit’’David said, walking over to us.

‘’So did I’’Snow said sniffling. She handed the tiara to David and took the card out. It said thinking of you- Johanna’’

‘’Johanna’’I said

‘’I didn’t know she was in Storybrook’’David said

‘’Neither did I’’Snow said

Johanna is here. I missed her terribly.I haven't seen her since I was kidnapped.

‘’After the curse you were both gone for a while. We are all still finding eachother and it hasn’t been easy’’

‘’I have to go, Rose come with me’’Snow said

I ran to my room and grabbed a pair of knee high boots and i zipped them over my leggings.

‘’Come on Rose, we are leaving’’

I  grabbed my jacket before we walked out of my room and after Snow.

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