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"I can't believe this," Sara said

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"I can't believe this," Sara said.

Cadell slumped against a sofa next to her, dismissing the voice's plans of a violent stabbing. He sipped from a mug of hot chocolate, which was clearly lacking in his desired five teaspoons of sugar.

"You seem angry," Cadell said, looking around Sara's living room. "I thought you would be happy to see me. This is just like old times."

It had almost been a decade since Cadell has been around Sara's house. Although most of his memories were hazy, he distinctly remembered playing with Legos while devotedly preaching the message of anime to Sara like a religion. They had watched One Piece, she had not liked it and Cadell had looked at her as if she was an alien.

Sara sipped her mug of tea. "You decide to use a superpower to take a number two in my bathroom and you expect me to look happy?"

Cadell didn't respond but met her stare for a long time. He waited for a hallucination to infer from but when none came, he tutted. These superpowers are stubborn.

"What's wrong?" Sara asked.

"Nothing. Nice Pyjamas by the way," Cadell said. "Anyways, I'm out of here."

Sara blushed slightly. "Wait, already? Can we, I don't know, talk? How's therapy?"

"I'm not killing you so good enough. Two pills each morning keeps the bloodshed away. Lucky me. Listen, I shouldn't have come here. I just wanted to say my final goodbyes. Forget about me if you can."

"No way," Sara said. "Why can't we stay in touch? Surely you must be bored staying in that underground prison. How about this-- whenever we're both free and my Dad isn't here, we can meet here. You can just use that teleporting thing."

It's a portal. The voice groaned. Not teleportation.  Just end her now, boy!

Shuuuut up. Cadell thought. 

"No, we will not meet. We will never meet again."


Cadell placed his mug down on a coffee table and stood up. "I'm a murderer and clinically insane, that's why. Since coming here, a voice in my head has plotted your death in seven different ways. I can't be your friend anymore."

"You must be joking. But Elijah can?

"Basically, yeah."


"See? Now you're getting the no friends thing."

A purple portal appeared on a wall behind the sofa which wasn't Cadell's intention. Placing the portal was clearly something he had to work on.

"Please, Cad," Sara said, the tone of her voice wavering.

Cadell's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Why do you even care? Hate me like everyone else or better yet, forget about me. I'm a disgusting human being, literally the worst of the worst. I don't deserve---"

Sara embraced Cadell strongly, sobbing on his shoulder. As the room glowed in variations of a light, delicate blue, he stood stiff between her arms. Her exact feelings were vivid to him now.




He could see them all.

He held her tight in a useless attempt to squeeze the pain away.

"Stop saying that," Sara cried. "Don't say those words so calmly like they're true. You're not that kind of person."

Cadell gently pushed her away. He decided that leaving the conversation as soon as possible was his best option. Being sincere would not go down well. "I have to go," he said. "Maybe if you watch Death Note, my favourite anime, I'll consider coming back here."

"Keep your word," Sara whispered.

Cadell sighed. Of course he would need to become a traumatized schizophrenic killer to convince her to watch anime.

While leaping over the sofa through a portal on the wall, the voice changed from its usual murderous rants to a soothing obsession: It's time, boy. We must cleanse.

Cadell soared through London's cold midnight air as his fists clenched. The looming crimson sky up above sickened him.

I know.

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