Chapter 1

"By God. Al. STOP." exclaimed Zara as she cried laughing.

"I swear on Superman, that's what I'd do. Fo shizzle." I said winking.

The person winking. Her name is Alexis Heavens. Me.

Im known as the crazy chick.

So, the scene above is happening in my school bus. On our way to school. People know me as the Sarcastic Al or Alex. Only my teachers call me Alexis and my mom Ofcourse, but only when she's angry.

Btw, I love my name. Because I love MAdagascar. And because of Alex the lion. which kinda makes me who I am. A LEO.

Right now I was telling my friends about an incident at McD's. Long story.

So, It was a New Year at School. First day of 9th grade.

Excited? HELL YEAH.

Scared? ...Me? NAAAAAAH.

Cause I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT. See what I just did there?

"No one says 'Fo shizzle' anymore Alex" said Mark.

Geez. I dont like Jocks with a freak attitude.

"Well, I just did. And guess what? Alex doesn't play by those weird social laws where you might do or say something wrong." I replied fake-smiling.

"What an outcast"

I rolled my eyes as he said this.

"Well. I dont exactly have a fracture or anything. There seems to be no reason for me to be IN CAST. " I said cheekily.

Everyone around us burst out laughing.

Another thing about me. Note it down if you have to. I make my own jokes. Most of the time they suck BUT people still laugh at it.

"Wait. I didnt get it. " said Ramya.

As everyone groans and tries to explain my "JOKE" the bus stops at Flo's building and an unfamiliar boy gets in. Dark brown eyes and brown high spikked hair. Well, he probably just has a BIG HEAD.

So the spiked dude walks in and settles in a seat about 3 or 4 seats in front of us.

"Who is he?" asked Ramya to Flo who walked up behind him and sat next to me. She is one of my BEST FRIENDS, although a year older.

"New kid to you guys, but family friend since FOREVER to me" replied Flo to Ramya.

"Which year?" I heard Grace ask.

"9th grade. Same as you, Al" Flo said turning to me.

"Um. Okaaay. Cool." I said.

"OOOOOOH. Is HE good enough for you, Alex?" Mark asked smirking.

"Oh. For the love of GOD. Shut up. Im not gonna date?"

I serioously am not into dating now. I don't think I'm ready yet. It's a long depressing story. Maybe when I'm older. Although. I CAAN totally check guys out. Its normal. Right?