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Her tongue twirled around the shaft, licking the sweet cream.

One of the best parts of baking desserts was, after all, licking the beaters. Candy turned the oven light on and opened the door ever so slightly. Her cupcakes were rising nicely, and turning a lovely golden color.

The mid-morning sun streamed through the sheer curtains of her mom's kitchen and onto Candy's face as she watched the egg timer. Four minutes left. Candy tossed the beaters in the sink and picked up her cookbook, flipping through it. If these cupcakes are a success, maybe I'll even try making a dinner dish, she considered.

Bing! The timer went off. The cupcakes were ready.

Candy inserted her hand into an oven mitt and opened the oven door all the way. Vanilla-scented heat smacked her in the face. She turned her head away while she grasped the tray and pulled it out.

As she did, her elbow caught on the inside of the oven, just for a moment. "OW!!" Candy flinched back quickly, nearly dropping the tray. The searing pain shot up her arm but was only intense for a moment.

Candy quickly placed the muffin tray on the cooling rack and rinsed her elbow under the tap with cold water. It would blister, but not too badly.

"Cupcakes are one of the more dangerous things to cook in the kitchen," Candy teased herself aloud, rolling her eyes and shaking her head at her own clumsiness.

Her elbow felt much better already. She reached out her index finger and lightly touched the golden-hued top of one of her cupcakes. It sprang back beautifully.

Deborah poked her head in the kitchen as she walked past. Her face was fully made up, and she wore a flowy summer dress that accented her cleavage.

"Aren't you a bit old for cupcakes, Can? Who you trying to impress, Big Bird?" she teased, laughing at her own joke as she walked away, not bothering to wait for Candy's response.

Ignoring her mother, Candy turned her attention to the freshly beaten icing, which she'd dyed a beautiful teal color. The mixture was thick and had formed peaks and valleys, just as the recipe had indicated.

Candy fetched a piping bag and selected just the right nozzle from the baking drawer. She rolled the top of the icing bag back on itself, leaving a large opening into which she scooped the icing. When the bag was full, she twisted the top and placed it on the counter.

She used a spatula to ensure all the batter was unstuck from the sides of the baking tray, and then scooped out each individual cupcake onto another cooling tray. While they cooled, Candy turned to the sink and started doing some dishes. She didn't like leaving her mess for the housekeepers to have to clean up after her.

When her cupcakes had rested just a bit longer, Candy picked up the icing bag and held it with both hands the way the photos had demonstrated in her book.

As she squeezed the tube, blue icing streamed out of the nozzle slowly, and Candy applied it with care to each cupcake, swirling it around the tops until each was completely covered. She reached behind the sink to the potted mint and plucked a dozen large leaves, which she then placed as a garnish atop each cupcake. Perfect.

Candy finished up the dishes while the icing set. When the sink was cleared, she opened up a tupperware with individual muffin compartments and carefully placed the cupcakes inside. She tied a ribbon around the box, curling the ends with scissors for extra effect.

She packed all but one. The last one, she placed on a small plate. Candy quickly scribbled on the notepad beside the phone.


I made an extra cupcake. You can have it if you like. Just because I'm giving you a cupcake doesn't give you free license to stare at my tits and ass.

Don't be gross.

XOX Candy

Candy placed the note under the cupcake, picked up her tupperware, and headed out the front door.

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