This Is Gay

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»Michael's POV«

I feel myself slowly go back into reality. I don't open my eyes.

     Did I fall asleep? Where's Jeremy?

     I feel warm and comfortable. I suddenly realize my arms are wrapped around something, no, someone. I breath in.


     Coconut is one of my favorite scents, for one reason only, because that's what Jeremy's hair smells like.

     I dig my face deeper into the smell. I hear a groan and whatever is in my arms shifts beneath me.

     "Michael?" I hear a tired voice say. I only hum in response

     "Michael, I think we fell asleep," he says, still shifting, trying to find a comfortable position.

     "Who are you?" I say, not able to open my eyes and too tired to recognize the voice speaking.

     "Jeremy," he finally settles with his arms wrapped around me and his face dug into my chest.

     "This is gay," he says.

     "No homo, now go back to sleep," I reply beginning to doze off. My brain still hadn't wrapped around the fact that I'm literally cuddling with the love of my life.

     "Okay, love you," I hear him whisper, it takes a while to understand what he just said.

Jeremiah Heere, my crush for 12 years, just said 'I love you' to me...

Holy shit....

(A/N: Haven't updated in a while, and this is a short chapter...OOPS)

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