Black Valentine

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Everything turned black now you're gone. 

I'm a living dead walking in the sand. 

There's no reason to continue this life. 

End my breath with rusty knife. 

My heart has been tortured many times. 

You're the breaker who committed this crime. 

Throwing all away our promises and dreams. 

I can't blame you for all these things. 

This heart of mine was jailed by your memory. 

I can't escape from this misery. 

I am weak, chained from this loneliness. 

This day without you is so useless. 

Will you be mine just for this day? 

Only me and you even if it's a play. 

Let my heart tells that I love you. 

'Coz I'm really missing you so. 

Roses were sent, alone here without strength 

Cards were given, in my eyes tears falling. 

Please stay, be with me just for today. 

So my heart can say my sweetest "goodbye."

[February 2008]

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