Chapter 9-Reformation

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The humans are not wrong to be more afraid of the vampires right now than they are of us. This morning, I can't say I was surprised to see the cars outside my home burning. I texted Valerie this morning asking if she saw the cops circle her block yet, but she hasn't gotten back to me.

We are simply at war and now we are left to fend for ourselves since the high council of supernatural affairs flew back up north. They couldn't find anything on Patty from either our coven or the police. They didn't take me seriously when I told them a snake ate her either. So now, they think we lied about the entire legend and the old headmistress's sudden revival just so our town could get some publicity. Of course, they aren't here now to witness the result of their departure.

"Hey!" I shout when someone throws a brick through my window.

I jump out of the way just in time and land on my new beanbag chair in the game room of my newly bought home. Marcella uses her magic quickly putting the glass shards into a neat pile while my sister runs for cover underneath the pool table. Worried about Valerie, I call her number, but it goes straight to voicemail.

Having enough of them, I run out of my house facing the onslaught of gone-mad cops as they take turns destroying town property. More specifically, they target things owned by our people -- such as the new age herbal remedy shop across from my townhouse.

They throw a bunch of liquor bottles with what looks like napkins inside of them. When the bottles smash against the brick building fire explodes from them eating away the already crumbling stone wall of the shop. I watch in horror as the owners, John and Eliza Berdie, run out to face the murderous police.

"Enough of this!" Marcella yells from next to me, but none of them listen.

We use our magic and do our best alongside other witches and warlocks to lift up the vamps and send them flying against buildings. It won't be enough to kill them, but enough to buy us time to find our way through the crowd to our members. We can only handle one officer at a time and it's hard to even do that with them catching us now. There's too many of them.

Marcella is doing much better than me to avoid the vampires' wrath as she roundhouse kicks one in the face and then uses her magic to lift each officer up and out of her way. We've only made it halfway across the street. Two gunshots go off and I hear an awful scream just as an officer turns away from me to fend off another warlock who tries wacking him with a baseball bat.

Eliza leans over her husband who is very much dead now having been shot by some cop among the hundreds out here. She lays over him as if to shield his lifeless body. She's in shock while the police have fun beating her with their police batons.

I barrel into the three hitting away at her and yell for her to save herself. She runs back with a group of other injured witches and humans into the post office near her store that has yet to be set on fire. I told Crystal to stay in the house just like I told Val to last night. I don't have time to run back and see if Crystal listened, I can only hope. She's too young to be caught up in this riot.

A smoke grenade goes off and I look around disorientated. Something clocks me on the back of the head and I peel over in pain getting kicked onto my back. When I hit the ground, a black steel-toed boot kicks me in the gut. A baton gets swung at me like a golf club over and over again until I lose the strength to keep healing myself. Blood dribbles down my swelling jaw as the endless brutal beatings continue.


Something digs into my wrists and I blink hard, "Ugh..."

My head pounds with excruciating pain and it feels like I've taken a stab wound to my left shoulder. I cough violently and look around the small dark room lit by an industrial light. A steel metal table separates me from the unoccupied metal chair on the other side. I look to my right seeing a one-way mirror. The cops must have dragged me in here.

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