I uh, I was not staring...

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Annabeth's POV:

Percy stands in front of me with no facial hair, and the first thing I notice is how defined his jawline is, also how his sea-green eyes pop out. I mean I recognized him as attractive before, when we were 12 to be exact. But then life got in the way, he got heavily into swimming, and I started to move on. The turning point for me, to move on was when he and Rachel dated, they're just friends now though. Point is, I haven't seen him without any facial hair since we were 14 years old. My heart gives me a slight pang and I almost drop the camera.

Licking my lips, I blink and look away, taking in a deep breath. Whoa.

Luckily Piper comes to my rescue, "Ayeee Percy you don't look like a 30-year-old now!" She glances at me and I snap out of it, shuffling on my feet a little. "Don't you think Annabeth?"

Inhaling, I manage, "Oh uh, yeah, you look our age."

Flipping the camera around, I say, "Prank completed! Stay tuned for more, comment on what you want to see. Also, as I have been telling you guys for the past 7 weeks that we are all going away! There will be many videos on that! Love you all, stay wise." I wink. "Until next time Chasers!"

"I love your outro," Thalia laughs.

"I like how you say stay wise, and Piper says, stay beautiful," Leo comments.

Piper crosses her arms smirking, "Well I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and beauty is what you perceive it to be, and besides, does it really matter what some people think? As long as you're confident in who you are."

"PIZZA!" Frank yells from the kitchen.

Like moths to a flame, we all stop talking, I put the camera on the couch and run to the kitchen. The smell waves throughout the room and we all moan. "Yessss, I really need this," Mark says, serving himself 4 slices.

Percy goes after him, but this time taking 7 pieces. "Whoa Seaweed Brain, how big is your stomach?" I laugh, momentarily forgetting about my sudden attraction for him again.

"Ah whatever, let the boy eat," Jason waves his hand dismissively, taking 5 slices.

Piper rolls her eyes and nudges him, "Like you're any better."

He smirks, nudging her back. "I need food to feed my musclesssss," He draws it out, slowly walking away, his eyes teasingly on hers.

"Mhmm is that so," she touches her chin, looking to the ceiling.

He just smirks and goes to sit on the couch. Piper has a small smile frozen on her face, her hand still on her chin as she turns to look at the options for pizza. I tend to describe it as if she's momentarily in a dream after flirty encounters with Jason. Those two are so cute together, I honestly wish they could realize their feelings. It's not that hard.

Grabbing myself 3 slices, I go to take a seat on the couch with the girls, facing the boys. Once everyone is seated, Hazel starts the daily evening family dinner talk, "How was everyone's day?"

Leo starts first, his mouth full, "Boring in terms of work, I am still waiting for more parts to come in to fix Chiron's car." In case you didn't know, Chiron is my Uncle, and so now he visits, invites us to family gatherings and treats the rest of them as a family. Leo is a mechanic but is also completing online courses to become an engineer, and he's already done all the practical work.

Frank goes next, blushing slightly when Hazel's eyes fall on him. "Besides from catching Annabeth as she leaped off the side of the house, pretty chill." We all laughed at that part, and from the corner of my eye, I could see Percy glance at me. Anyway, Frank works with animals, with Hazel and they both have a YouTube channel together. In it they film their work lives upon shelters, zoos and saving animal lives, often having one of us film it so they can have their hands free. All their viewers ship them, and secretly so does everyone else in the house.

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