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Author's Note

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If you are reading this, hopefully it's because you've seen the 'Redemption Series' was selected to be part of the Wattpad's Paid Stories program.

Yes. This means you will have to pay to finish each story. But don't fret, you get to read a good portion of the book before you have to make that decision.

I know this will come with mixed feeling for some of you. It did for me too. Initially.

Wattpad was a writing paradise that offered totally free content. True. However, the one thing you can count on in life is 'Change'. It is the nature of things. Nothing can stay the same if it wants to survive, including Wattpad.

If the platform didn't try to evolve and improve, then more and more writers and their stories would leave. Wait! It's already happening. You see it happen all the time. But maybe with this new model, Wattpad can be the destination instead of the road to somewhere else.

If you don't agree with the program. That's fine. There's still millions of stories available on Wattpad for you to read for free.

But it's my hope that you read a few chapters before you decide. These stories are my babies. I've put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into nurturing them to this point. It's what we all dream about the first time we hit the publish button. I know it t took me months of lurking on the site before I had the confidence to take that step, and many more months before my story got any reads or votes. However with time, I gained a few friends and with their feedback and encouragement my stories got better. Because of all that time and effort, it was an honor to learn that my stories were considered good enough to join the program.

If you decide to read on, it will mean a lot that you chose to support me as I take the next step in my writing journey.

For more information about the program, please visit:

Thank you,


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