Friday, December 28th, 2029

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I can't believe that I fell asleep before Mom got home last night. I slept on the couch by the front window where I was waiting for Mom. She left a note on the counter telling me that my food was in the fridge. I'm upset that I didn't get to show her the bluebells yet. She should be home earlier tonight. At least that's what her note said.

I can't dilly dally all day today. Today I get to spend time with my friends Jordan and Lili. I met both of them when I started high school. Originally, Jordan and I met in algebra class. We sat next to each other for the majority of the year. He's into his video game and anime like most high school boys, but he has a kind heart. He tries to help whenever he can.

Jordan introduced me to Lili a little later in the year. We all shared our lunch period together. According to Jordan, Lili used to sit alone at lunch. Jordan noticed her in the corner of the cafeteria one day so he and I sat next down with her. I will never forget how he introduced himself. Jordan slid into the seat ever so smoothly and said, "Fancy seeing you here. Do you come by often?" Lili and I both broke out laughing at him. (With snorts and everything.) That was the moment we actually met Lili.

Jordan, Lili, and I somehow became best buds since then. We've done a lot together too. Last summer, we all went on a camping trip together! (Mom was there to keep us safe.) We don't talk to each other as often as we could, but we still hang out when we are free.

* * *

I just got back from the mall with Jordan and Lili. Lili has really broken out of her shell since we first met. In our mall, they built a stage in the middle of the shopping area. When we went, a Matchbox Twenty Cover Band was playing. You wouldn't guess what Lili did. She dragged Jordan by the hand and made him dance with her out in public! While the two danced, I just stood back and watched. I enjoyed watching them, but I'm not bold enough to follow them out there anyway.

After a while, we ended up heading to the bookstore. Jordan focused his attention by the manga while Lili and I played with the stuffed animals in the front of the store. Lili bought one for her collection. Lili's stuffed animal collection is quite something to see. Last time I saw it was back in October when we hung out for Halloween. Half of her bedroom is just a giant pile of stuffed animals. She even has a giant snake that she likes to sleep with.

By the end of our trip, Jordan got himself a couple of books and a game. Lili has her stuffed animal and a belly full of Panda Express. I got myself some more paint since I was running low.

* * *

After waiting for hours, Mom finally came home. It feels like it's been forever since we got to spend time together even though Christmas was just earlier this week. I guess the fact that we haven't been on good terms as of recently made me forget that. Either way, Mom liked the drawings of the bluebells that I made for her. When I showed it to her, she gave a huge grin. She said that she saw them yesterday after she got home. She ended up putting my drawing up in the hallway at the top of the stairs so she could see it every time she went up the stairs. I'm glad that my art helped make Mom smile.

Love and kisses from yours truly
~ Ana

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