"Of course! You always wanted to be a model, now is your chance to be discovered." Jerry laughed aloud.

The paparazzi would not stop, so we left the coffee shop and ran off for safety. Afterwards, mom took a bus and went home to New Jersey.

On Monday, Adam called me to his office. He was holding the daily paper and from the look of it, it resembled the one that mom showed me yesterday.

"You forgot to mention that you're connected with the Morgans." Adam gave me an accusing look. My goodness, he doesn't look happy.

"I'm sorry. My dad left me and my mom when I was five and we deleted him out of my lives. I did not see any reason to discuss him anymore. We did not have any connection until recently."

"What's your plan now? Are you leaving me?"

My heart sank at his statement. Leaving him? The way he said sounded like we were in a relationship.

"No, of course not." I stared at his eyes, his nose, his lips-- but why did he suddenly look so ordinary now. I noticed his imperfections - the dark shadows under his eyes, a chicken pox mark on his left cheek and gray hairs on his temple. Suddenly, I realized that he was really a depressed man who could not get over the lost of his wife, just like mom who could not get over my father and it had been twenty years.

"Soon or later, people will find out that you're working here. Paparazzis will wait for you outside just to take photos. That would be very... inconvenient."

That suddenly alarmed me. Is that his way of firing me? Oh no, I could not lose my job now.

"What do you mean?"

"If that happens, I will assign you to the sewing department." He smiled and that made me feel relaxed.

On Tuesday, Mindy arrived in the tailoring shop inviting me for lunch. With her was her bodyguard Kaden who always stood at a distance.

We dined in a fancy restaurant and ordered seafoods. I had a great time talking with Mindy, we were more comfortable now with each other. She asked about my childhood and I did not hesitate telling her about it. She also did the same telling me about how she grew up with very protective parents.

She talked about the kids in the center that she supported. Her project to build a new home for them. She asked if I could join her but I said no, I was not ready for that, or anything involving the Morgans.

"Your boss is a cutie. Are you dating him?"

I could not help but smile at her observation.

"You like him huh?" Mindy took a lipstick from her handbag and retouched her lips -- a lovely hot pink shade. She applied it on her lips and they looked really nice.

"Yeah, but I don't think he's ready to date. He lost his wife three years ago."

"That's too long already. Maybe you're not making an effort to make him notice you. You know... some guys just need encouragement. They sometimes get too shy to talk or express their feelings."

"Hmm... looks like you're an expert. Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked Mindy and she shook her head vigorously.

"No. But if ever I'll have a boyfriend, the guy must be approved by my parents."

"Oh, you mean you can't pick your own boyfriend."

"You're right. They're very strict when it comes to boys. They don't trust anyone to come near me." She giggled and put her lipstick back inside her bag.

"That must be hard for you."

"Yeah, but I don't mind. I'm still young and have no time for boyfriends."

"I agree on that. I'll just finish this cheesecake and we'll go."

After ten minutes, we left the restaurant. Kaden opened the car for Mindy and I to get in. Immediately I noticed the collar of his white shirt. It had a smudge, exactly the same color. Hot pink.


Finally my car was back on Thursday afternoon. The mechanic delivered it in my home. I was so happy that I did not have to wake up too early to catch the bus.

It was a Toyota Corolla 2000 model. Yeah a bit old and always broken. Actually I was saving money for the downpayment of a new car. Just a few dollars more and I was ready to buy my dream car.

Friday afternoon after work, I decided to drive to my favorite bakeshop in Manhattan. I was craving for their mango cake for so long already. Now I would get the biggest one and share it with my best friends, they would be happy. I would get some strawberry tarts too.

The traffic light turned red and I stopped the car. At that moment, I saw a nice looking black car getting out from a building's basement. The driver's window went down and the driver talked to the security guard.

Oh my goodness, the arrogant playboy himself, Daniel Monteiro.

Something inside me sparked - a scalding anger. Damn him, I could not forget what he did to me last Saturday. He humiliated me!

The traffic light shifted to green and Daniel Monteiro's car suddenly overtaking me, made me caught off guard. The hell! This devil drives really fast! He could have me thrown at the gutter. Such arrogance driving a powerful car and owning the road.

I decided to follow him. My plan to go to the bakery was forgotten, it easily shifted to Daniel Monteiro. I needed to confront him, as in now.

His car suddenly turned to a secluded road and I was trying my best to catch up. I pressed the accelerator more to make the car ran faster. I was following him and keeping up a good distance. Without warning, he stopped the car at the side of the road.

I slowed down pressing the pedal brake.

Oh no... oh no...

The pedal brake was not working. I pulled the handbrake and it worked. But I was too late.

I closed my eyes as my car crashed the rear end of Daniel Monteiro's car.

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