nearly trapped!

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(they walk towards the door and abhi opens the door through biometric lock and takes her inside. but as soon as they step inside the house both are left shocked to the core)

abhi: Mom?!!! ap yahan!!!

(vaishnavi who was crying on abhisheks shoulder due to the pain looks up)

abhis mom: abhi?!!! yeh kya chal raha hai! yeh kon ladki hai! teri shirt kahan hai. tu us waqt kahan se araha hai and yeh ladki..... yeh tere sath, infact teri bahoun main kiya kar rahi hai?!!

abhi: mom wo-

mom: abhi tujhe pata hai teri tunisha se sagayi hoi wi hai!!! to aise usey cheat kese kar sakta hai!! yeh jo bhi ladki hai ek bar iske baray main batana to chahiye tha na?!

(vaish isnt in the condition to say something but due to her face being hidden in abhis shoulder due to the pain his mom doesnt see it)

abhi: mom! meri shirt iske leg pe bandhi hai! isiliye im shirtless and maine isse is liye uthaya hua hai because she has hurt her leg

mom: but abhi tu is waqt iske sath akela kahan tha?! you know i wont have asked if isme ek aur ladki involved na hoti! you cant cheat her!

abhi: mom wesa nahi hai jesa ap samajh rahi ho

mom: tu iske sath akela bahar se araha hai, poori raat bahar hoga main aur kiya sochoun!

abhi: mom-

mom: abhi chod is sab ko! she is badly hurt. she is in pain! pehle iske wounds tend kerde phir baat karte hain iske baray main

(abhi puts vaish on the sofa and she is in extreme pain. he goes and brings the kit while his mom brings water for her. abhi is tending her wounds and due to applying a numbing cream, vaish is much better)

mom: beta... apka jo bhi name hai and abhi tum, i didnt mean to be so rude when you both came but honestly it was an unacceptable condition for someone who is committed! main poochna chahti houn ab dono raat bhar kahan the? abhi tu ise ghar kyun laya and especially when tunu is present in the house. she would be so hurt!

tunu: aunty main batati houn!

(all three of them turn towards the voice and see tunu coming down the staircase)

tunu: namaste aunty

mom : namaste beta

(both abhi and vishu are exchanging glances nervously about what tunu is about to say)

tunu: woh aunty yeh meri friend vaishnavi, kal mere sath party main hi ayi thi and baarish ki wajah se yahan ruk gayi.

mom : tumhari friend?

(abhisheks mom looks towards vaishnavi and vaishnavi towards tunu and abhi. both of them signal her to continue with it)

vaish: jee namaste aunty!

mom: namaste beta.

tunu: yaa so fir yeh hua that she got injured really badly as ap dekh sakti ho! and isiliye abhi took her to the hospital

mom: oh so you both were gone to the hospital

AbhiVaish: yaa

mom: but fir why arent her wounds treated! and abhi isn't wearing anything

abhi: main batata houn na! hum raste main hi the and iske leg se boht zyada khoon nikal raha tha so i thought i should atleast stop the blood flowing out.

vaish: yaa thats why.....

mom: but phir hospital main to wound  properly dress kardete na.

vaish: woh... main gayi hi nahi na hospital aunty! um we were enroute only but but unexpectedly we got a traffic jam.... so i thought getting through it would take so long we should come home only

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