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Michael had already reached his destination, Detroit, Michigan, where he had to do a series of interviews. I was a little bored. Better said enough. He had just arrived and was already missing Lexi. It was incredible the attraction he felt for her. Just a moment with her was enough to have her totally focused on her ...

Lexi on the other hand was still in Sacramento, California. I tried to spend my time entertaining with anything to avoid thinking about not being able to meet Michael.Her friend Becca spent a lot of time with her. It was a great distraction because together they had a great time.What was a consolation was that they could at least call each other as they agreed. As always, Michael told her how much he missed her, how much he needed, and of course when he came back he would not leave her for a moment. To Lexi, in part, all her compliments, compliments, seemed funny to her as well as beautiful.Michael enjoyed just like a little boy when he heard Lexi's happy voice those nights over the phone.But Michael could not always be in his thoughts, work claimed him. The voice of his representative was heard nearby; I had another interview ...One afternoon Lexi was getting ready to hang out with Becca. They would take a walk. While they were walking they talked about unimportant things, a little bit of everything, until they arrived at a cafeteria.They followed their conversation. Becca was talking to Lexi about a movie that was coming out soon at the cinema and they might go see it. He noticed that Lexi had not paid much attention for a few minutes, so he asked her if something happened to her. Lexi told her that she was a little depressed because Michael was not around. Every time I missed him more and still I was not going to be able to go back. Becca understood and tried to encourage her a bit, in the process tried to change the subject. He started talking about his new relationship. Apparently Becca had started dating Jackie, one of Michael's brothers. Lexi was amazed and laughed at the same time. He congratulated him and of course one day they should all be there. Becca was glad to see her friend smile again. After a while talking and gossiping they went home.

When they arrived, they had dinner together watching a bit of television and chatting about all sorts of things, in this case they started talking about Becca and Jackie. Lexi would ask all kinds of questions to her friend, such as how they met, since they were dating, etc ... Becca told everything in detail to Lexi, who was very attentive listening. In short, he seemed like a good boy to his friend. Well, he was Michael's brother, so I expected him to be almost as good as he was ... They had a good time talking, without realizing they were a little late, so they went to their rooms to sleep. Before going to bed Lexi received a call. The same one of all the nights. Michael had a slightly sad voice. I told her that I was missing her very much. He missed his smile, his flushed cheeks, being with her ... Lexi just listening to him felt tingling in his stomach.

Obvious that she also missed him. He missed his jokes, his laughter, the time they spent together. When they did not see each other, time passed more slowly.Michael sent her a lot of kisses from Michigan and told her he loved her very much. Lexi answered him in the same way. Actually what I most wanted at that time was to see him there again with her, spend some time together laughing for nonsense, the usual ... But work always got in the way and ends up bothering the situation. After talking a little and telling each other how their day had gone, nothing new from anybody, they ended their call. The two of them went to bed thinking about each other, waiting to meet again, something that both of them waited anxiously ...

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