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I don't write for you
even though I write about you
I write to say things
I couldn't say
when you were around
I write to let people know
what it felt like
to be broken piece by piece
from when you came
to the time you left

AUTHOR'S NOTE (random)

Here's some random update on my life. I came home for a week by squeezing some time out even though it felt like I wouldn't be home for months when I was here the last time. But now I'm supposed to leave tomorrow and I don't want to (obviously). Moreover, I have like a ton of work waiting for me when I go back to college and studies. Like LITERALLY. There's a million assignments and project works and presentations and all are supposed to be done within this week or so. I'm getting stressed just thinking about it. Not to mention the comfort of home that I'd be missing. And things are anyway not okay with friends lately and some other stuff. Basically, there is just a whole lot of work to be done and not a lot of time to do it while the other factors do not help.

Well, life.

If you have some random update on your life, let me know by leaving it down below in the comments section. Let's push each other a little to get through this week.

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