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Hi, lovelies!

Thank you for clicking on the read button and giving this book a try. I know a lot of you have probably stumbled upon here after having read my previous poetry book called S O W E D which has nearly come to its end now.

But my poetry hasn't. And so, here I am. With another book.

And I welcome you all to it. All the old and the new readers.

I have been meaning to start another book for a quite a while now but like some of you might already know, I hadn't been writing much for past few months. But I figured I had already let a lot of months come and go in order to find inspiration to write again and that's not helping. I realised I had stopped writing more so not because I couldn't write but because I didn't want to. I've just had things going on.

But now, I want to get back to it. No matter what the outside world has for me in store, I want to continue happily in my Wattpad world. When I began S O W E D, things were not very okay for me. But slowly, as I spent time here on Wattpad and on writing new poems and interacting with everyone, it gave me hope and something to look forward to every day. It gave me an escape.

I think that's what writing does for most of us. It lets us escape the world outside and come to a happier place where we have things to be excited about.

I hope you'll give this book just as much of the support and love as you've given to S O W E D.

I also hope that you find some comfort in my words as you read them.

That is and always has been one of the main reasons why my books are here. For you.

I love you.

Your Poet,

WriterBells ❤️

Started On : 23 March, 2019

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