Part One

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***This story is complete. Will be editing to fix words that run together, and maybe will be editing the storyline just a wee bit. Thanks for all the reads =]***

My favorite sound is the sound of the buzzer at a basketball game. That is the sound I hear now as I watch my friends play their last game of the season.After this, we are going to stick around to watch the girl’s basketball game. Ididn’t get to play this year because I have things going on during this time,but I know every guy on the team. Were all seventeen, except the youngest player who is sixteen.

            Basketball is my life, so I was really disappointed to find out that I couldn’t play this year. I tried over and over to find a way to be able to play, but I have things going on almost every night this year, and just couldn’t do it. My friends and I, however, play basketball in the park every chance we had.

            The buzzer goes off because my team just scored.

            “Go Redmond!” I yell.

            I wish I could have played this year. The team is all such good friends, and this year I didn’t get to be a part of it. Ill play again though, and that’s for sure. I’m at the top of the bleachers, with another set behind me, but those ones weren’t pulled out. I climb up and begin looking for a water fountain.

            The Redmond Panthers, my team, were the guests and I didn’t know about this school at all, so I didn’t know what to expect, but behind the bleachers is a very old gym, the tape on the court has mostly peeled off, the paint on the walls is old, and the net was no longer on the hoops.

            Wow,I think.

           The buzzer goes off again. I begin to imagine what the court must have looked like when it was new. I imagine nets on the hoops, and new paint on the walls; the light becomes brighter, and the tape reappears on the ground. I grab a basketball and begin to shoot some hoops, all the while picturing what the court must have looked like when it was new. I pretend to pass the ball as the buzzer goes off again.

          The ball must have bounced off a wall, because it flies right back into my hands. When I look up to see what it was, I don’t see a wall, instead I see about eight guys on the court. I notice that the court still looks new, even though I’m not trying to imagine it like that.

          I don’t know what to do, so I just stand there,staring.

          “Come on,” says one of the guys. I realize that all the guys are wearing basketball jerseys and shorts.

           So I do the only thing I can think of.

           I play basketball.

           The scoreboard says that it is the fourth quarter wit one minute remaining. I pass it to a player who I assume is on my team because he keeps yelling, “I’m open!” At that point, I realize that I am wearing the jersey and shorts too.

           Good. He is on my team.

           I run toward the basket. The other team steals the ball. We all run towards the other basket. I realize that there is an audience in the bleachers watching us.  I was blocking the kid who has the ball. He jumps, I jump. He tries to shoot and I catch the ball. I pass the ball to my teammate and runs toward our basket. I am open, and I let the court know. He passes the ball to me and I shoot. Time seems to slow down as the ball leaves my hands, flies towards the basket, and through the net.

           I just won the game.

           What game did I win?

           These people weren’t even here two minutes ago.

           None of this makes sense. Pretty soon I am being herded toward the door marked Boys Locker Room.

            “Wait,” I say to a kid who played on the same team as me. “What just happened?” I ask.

             “You won the game,” He says excitedly.

             Just then a song begins to play. It’s Hey Mickey by Cyndi Lauper. I recognize this song because my mom listens to it on her eighties CDs all the time.

              “Why are they playing such an old song,” I ask, determined to get an answer that makes sense.

               “Its not,” says the kid, “It just came out last month.”

End Part One.

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