| prologue《mon-el's POV》

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That one soulful Saturday night, I couldn't tell if it was my drunken vision, or reality.

The kryptonian's eyes glimmered in blue, casting out alongside her shining blonde hair, and outlasting beauty.

It felt like barely a memory, but a good one.

The way she looked at me that night, She trusted me wholly.

The look in her eyes as her lips met mine, Looked as if I meant more. 

I remember her pulling me closer into the back room, grasping my ragged, pocketed shirt. Shivering And falling apart against me before I held her face in my hands and began kissing her passionately.

I remember her clinging to the wall, moaning so, it sounded as if a whisper, whilst I kissed upon her neck of warm, almond skin. She began Running her hands upon my hips, turning to a grasp.

Sadly, The rest? A drunk, mistake of a blur. Buried underneath all my drunken thoughts.

As Morning roll around, I woke up shirtless in my sweated sheets, recalling how i flew home that night.

A few much needed gulps of water, and trips to my small, cluttered bathroom. And I rushed to work, at that very. same. bar.

I set my lugged backpack down in the back prep room. and headed through the doors to start my shift.

About 2 hours into my shift, I'm on a sober, well worked grind. I turn around to swiftly slide a drink to my last customer, and I turn back to see my best friend since college, drayton.
"Oh good rao." I sighed in relief at the sight of them, throwing the rag i used to clean the counters over my shoulder.

"What's up with the scare, fuzz face?" They asked, pulling their overall strap over they're shoulder in place.
"I'm just glad it's you." I chuckled nervously, shying my head away in embarrassment.

"Why would you be afraid of any other customer?" They chuckled in confusion. "..And why are you in pain?"
"Oh, it's nothing." I scoffed nervously, putting it off. "Now, let me know what you want." I smiled.
"You never ask me that," they continued in suspicion, "you always know what I want. I come here like.. everyday."
"Fine. There was a woman." I sighed with a smile.
"Ooh. Looks like she does damage." They joked "But damn I always sensed you had more of a Male preference." They grunted sarcastically.
"That's you." I laughed, "it Depends on my mood" I joked, sliding them their drink. "And last night was more of a girls kind of day."
"Damn. Tell me everything." They insisted.
"Oh, no!" I cringed, "drink your damn drink."

"What was she like? What did she look like?" They questioned excitedly, "do you even remember her name?!" They gasped.
"Oh, I know what she looks like." I scoffed, rolling my eyes trying to make it seem like I remember.
"Let me see your phone." They insisted. before i could even speak, my phone was ripped out of my grasp.
"Okay... looks like you have an unknown number saved??" They said with an ornery smirk.
"What? Give me that!" I snarled, taking my phone from their hand.

I scrolled through my contacts list as fast as ever, until stumbling across that unidentified phone number.
"Oh rao," I groaned, stroking my hand over my face in stress."she's good."
"Aha! Looks like you've got a mystery hook up on your hands!" Drayton joked as I rolled my eyes, " now you have to tell me exactly what she looked Like."

I sighed in disappointment, giving into their request. "okay..she had blonde flowing hair, blue eyes. The most comforting voice, and she was... kryptonian I believe." I said.
"Oh my god.." Drayton gasped excitedly "you had a night with the girl in the glyph."
"Pfft, supergirl? Hell no."
They rolled their eyes in disappointment of me and continued on, "do you remember this rendezvous involving glasses? And what other kryptonian girl do you know of?"
"No i-..holy shit." I realized, "How do you know these things?"  I whispered.

"I know people. I'm an NCPD sergeant for God's sake." They rolled their eyes, and groaned in sarcastic disappointment.

"You, me, Noonan's. 40 minutes after my shift." I insisted, rushing back to my job.
"Okay geeze, someone's eager to finally learn who they fucked." They laughed.
"Get your ass in gear, my shift ends in an hour, punk." 

I rushed to work as fast as I could, and not just for the pay raise.

What was I thinking?
I barely got an interaction but a drink with her that night. I knew nothing about this woman. except for, that she was most possibly the last known daughter of krypton.

Drayton and I met up at Noonan's. As planned. rushed, but planned.

"So, let's discuss. Was she strong?"
"I admittedly have marks."
"Okay, so stronger than you. Definitely some type of alien."  They joked, ruffling their hair.
"Okay enough teasing me."
"There really isn't much more I can go on." They sighed, "oh wait, did she seem as drunk as you?"
"Eh, not really. Of course, I couldn't tell exactly." I scoffed, slightly disappointed in myself.
"Well, from what I know, and what every article I. The city has published.." they chuckled, "kryptonians cannot get drunk."
"Ok, wow. we need to find this woman." I insisted in a surprised tone.
"Well, you could tag along with me tomorrow and hope there's a robbery. Supergirl always shows up for those, it makes our jobs easier." They suggested.
"Eh, or I could just put myself in danger." I shrugged.
"Fine. Fine! I'll be a trainee for the day." I scoffed.

"That's the spirit. It'll take me hours to convince the chief, but i can get you in."

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