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Boohoo, no one likes rules, but for this contest to run efficiently, we gotta have them! Please know that not following the rules at any point will lead to immediate disqualification.  I don't want to do that. It breaks my heart honestly to see ANYONE excluded from anything, so please just be a happy camper, all right? :)


1.  NO HATING/NEGATIVITY. Y'all are fabulous af. Let's keep it that way by being nice to everyone. This your time to promote your work, make new friends and get advice from fellow writers. No need to be a party pooper and ruin all the fun with your negative attitude. Do you have a problem? Come to me and we'll work it out. But I will NOT stand any rudeness towards me or any of the judges or participants.

2. Don't bribe the judges. Your judges are taking a lotta time to judge your work and provide useful feedback that you can use to improve your work. Please don't bribe any of the judges to choose your work or better their scores. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and you feel the full power of my sass..I mean wrath! They will report to me and you will go bye-bye.

3. Only English entries are accepted (as of now): As I might be one of the judges and the judges I have currently are only English speakers, only books written in English will be accepted. BUT, if there are judges willing to judge other languages, we shall accept it. 

4. Account Follows. You can follow my personal queen_of_sass if you wish, as I am more active on that account. I will respond faster to pms and such on that account. But following this account is a MUST, only for important updates in the duration of the awards. You can unfollow after the awards are over :). You will also have to follow the 1 judge of your genre, but can unfollow after the awards are over (but rather than doing that, why not strike a good relationship with them and be their friends :)?)

5. The number of books allowed. You can enter ONE book only and in one genre. For example, if your book is called Wickedly Yours and is Historical Romance genre, you can enter it either in Historical Fiction or Romance, not both. #shamelesspromodisguisedasanexample.


The maximum number of entries per genre is 10. This is on a first come, first serve basis. Put your book in the genre that it is best suited in. In case it is full, try a sub-genre.

If there is a deficit of entries in some genre, certain CORRELATING genres may be combined.

6. Your book must have a minimum of 5 chapters. Anything less than will NOT be accepted, as there needs to be sufficient content to judge. Ongoing and completed books are BOTH accepted. Prologues, if they are more than 800+ words, count as a chapter but author's notes, playlists etc DO NOT count.

For short stories and poetry, it is 3 chapters.


7. NO READ LIMIT. As a contestant who has been rejected out of so many awards because of read limit, I have decided to not impose one here. You might think, hey, but only popular books will get chosen as winners. NO. Winners will be chosen on talent and writing only, not read, not votes, not comments, but their writing. And in the event, a "popular book" wins, realize it won not because of popularity because it has something in it that made it stand out and that you can learn something from them :)

The only minor clause I have in this: Watty-winning books cannot be entered. Come on guys, you won a Watty for it, it is isn't fair to others. It's intimidating XD. But Watty winners can enter any other book other than the one they won with. 

8. You must add this book to a PUBLIC READING LIST. That's for publicity. But please, please add it to your LIBRARY, so you can get updates. Don't want to? Well, don't blame me if you miss out on something important lol. Say it out loud! Whose loss is it? YOURS.

9. Judges. If you apply to be a judge, you will be carefully vetted before being accepted. Please know that if you sign up, you stay and finish your job. You commit and you fulfill your commitment. I understand personal emergencies coming up, but unless you have a valid reason, you don't quit midway. If you have to leave for whatever reason, YOU inform me and leave. Please don't disappear into thin air. Disappearing is a neat trick in a magic show, not here.

You also have to follow this account and add this book to your reading list and library.

If you have entered a book into the awards, you cannot judge the same genre your book is in. Capiche?

You can judge one genre and one genre only. Each genre will have 10 entries only :) Please note you will have to give detailed reviews for the books you judge (template will be provided), so think before committing, but will have ample time to judge, don't worry. There will be a weekly checkup on your judging process by me, so work it! 

You must also be willing to judge Mature and LGBTQ+ for the genre you are signing up for.

10. Genres that are not accepted. Genres like non-fiction, spiritual, random, anime and any quote/rant books will not be accepted, simply because these usually have little to no entries and it isn't easy to get people to judge them. Password: Blue Monkeys. Graphic books will have their own category to be entered into. Mature/ LGBTQ+ books, which are accepted, should be entered into the respective genre they fall under. There will not be a separate category for it. 

11. YOU MUST  INFORM ME IF YOU DELETE OR REMOVE YOUR BOOK. . Please also let me know if you change your username or the title of your book.
If you don't, you'll be immediately  disqualified

12. Have fun! This award is for you to relax and sit back and watch your book get the recognition it deserves or some refreshing opinions to make it even better if you didn't make the list. So throw your hands up in the air and let's get this party started! 

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