Blood Sweat & Tears

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Namjoon (18 y/0) x reader (16 y/0)

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*Y/N's POV*

I'm sitting in the corner of the living room on the ground. My hands covering my ears, tears streaming down my cheeks.

My parents are in a fight again. They're shouting, screaming and throwing things to each other.

I'm really scared, i've never seen my father's eyes so red. You see, my father is a full blood vampire, my mother is a human, which makes me a half blood vampire. I can't do all those cool things that full blood vampires can, i just simply can live on both human food and blood.

I can't take it anymore so i stand up and run towards the door, i quickly put on shoes and a coat and run out of the house, my parents screaming i need to come back because it's already midnight, but i'm not listening and run further.

I run further and further till i'm getting tired so i start to walk.

A lot of people are afraid of full blood vampires, because they think full bloods are mean, aggressive and murderers. But that's not true, yes there are a few full bloods who are like that but that doesn't mean they all are.

I've never been afraid of full blood vampires, you might think that's because of my father, but it's not really.

I used to have a really close friend called Namjoon, and he is a full blood vampire. We were always together, we couldn't get apart and always helped each other and things you know.

But i got a weird message from Namjoon one night. He told me everything was gonna be fine, that i should not look for him and that he loves me. I didn't understood what he meant. So i went to his house the next day but he wasn't there. And then i understood he was gone, not knowing where he went.

After Namjoon left i felt so empty and sad. It was the start of depression. I was depressed for years, my parents didn't know what to do and told me i should forget about Namjoon, but i just couldn't. After a few years i started to get used to it, i started to get better, but i never fully recovered.

I haven't seen Namjoon for years and i miss him so much, i almost don't know what his voice sounds like anymore. And i wonder if he misses me, if he thinks about me, how he's doing, if he's still alive...

And why he left...

Because of being caught up in my own thoughts i didn't realize i was walking into an alley, until someone grabs my neck and pushes me to the wall, choking me.

'Well well, look what a beauty we got here.' The man with black hair says while licking his lips, his eyes crimson red. A full blood vampire.

Great, just great. Dammit, why didn't i notice i was walking into an alley? Dumbass

I slap and dug my nails into his arm in the hope he would let go of my neck. To my surprise he did.

'Who- '

Before i could ask anything the vampire dugs his fangs into my neck, sucking my blood. Pain filled my body as i started to feel weak and dizzy.

When i thought i would faint from blood loss another vampire pushed the man away with his super speed, or whatever you call that.

The man flies to the wall which caused a hole in the wall.

'Don't fucking touch her!' The new vampire says with a low voice.

That voice... i now that voice...

I didn't get the chance to think about it much as the vampire, who just drank my blood, attacked the new vampire, giving him a hard punch in the stomach causing him to cough blood.

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