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"Taehyun!" I called out to the black-haired boy, standing at the other corner of the room, leaning onto a desk.

"Hey! Mornin'!" He smiled.

"Morning!" I returned the gesture. "Is it a good one? No girls confessing their endless love for you?"

"Nope! So far, so good,"

"Hyebin's not here yet, is she?"

"Not yet," he said, sitting on the desk. "You staying for basketball practices today?"

"Dude! I never miss practice!" I said.

"Yeah yeah! I know!" Taehyun chuckled. "Sorry, ma'am,"

I looked over at Beomgyu, who was busily scribbling something on a note book.
"Oi," I flicked his forehead.

"Ow!" He looked up at me, with his hand placed where I had hit him. "You could have just said my name!"

I chuckled, satisfied by the evident annoyance in his features.

"What's that you're writing?" I bent into his book. "Is it more important than I am?"

"Dude, when it comes to you, even that bug on the ceiling's more important,"

Taehyun slammed his hand on the desk that he was sitting on and started laughing. "Burn!"

"Yah! Shut up!" I yelled, pinching his left cheek.

Immediately, he raised his other hand to pinch my right cheek.

"Oi! Let go!" I screamed.

"You let go!" Taehyun screamed back.

"Let go or I'll kill you, Taehyun!"

"Keep the lame threats coming," he grinned.

"Shh! Settle down, muggles," It was Soobin.

"Phew!" Beomgyu sighed. "Thank the gods, the only other mature one showed up,"

"Other?" Soobin asked as he removed Taehyun's hand and mine from each other's cheek. "Who's the other mature one?"

"Yours truly," Beomgyu flashed an innocent smile.

"Ma ass!" Taehyun burst out laughing.

"You're jealous!" Beomgyu continued to scribble.

"Oi Oi!" Taehyun held him by the collar. "What's that?" He asked, pointing at the note book. "That's your homework, isn't it?"

"No it's not!" Beomgyu slammed the book shut.

"Dude! That's the book with the rainbow butt unicorn! That's your physics book, dude!"

"Oh my god! Stop!" I started laughing hysterically. "Classic, Beom!"

"Dude I even sent a reminder text last night," Soobin said.

"What text?" Beomgyu wondered.

"This one!" Soobin shoved his phone into Beomgyu's hands. Beom stared at the screen with his jaw hanging open.

"You know what!? Never mind!" Soobin grabbed his phone. "I need to make a call," and with that, he rushed out the classroom.

"Where's Kai?" Beomgyu asked.

"Oi! Don't change the subject!" Taehyun screamed as he punched Beomgyu playfully.

"Stop torturing him, Tae!"

"Hye-bin! What took you so long!?"

"I met Kai on the way. He left his bottle in the court yesterday. I went with him to get it back. He said it cost him $170 or something?"

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